Top 5 reasons why you should move from UK to Europe after Brexit

Living in the United Kingdom was pleasant a few years ago, but things are changing in Britain fast! Especially after voting for Brexit, the future looks uncertain and foggier than ever for Britons. In this post, we’ll talk about the top 5 reasons why you should move from the UK to Europe, after Brexit! TheContinue reading “Top 5 reasons why you should move from UK to Europe after Brexit”

12 easiest Ways to Find a Job Overseas

The number one excuse people bring when asking them why they’re not traveling is, “I have no money to travel!” and other excuses like, “I don’t have rich parents or a saving account!”. Well, let’s pick up the money barrier by the ultimate guide to traveling when you have no money or a limited budget!Continue reading “12 easiest Ways to Find a Job Overseas”

5 BEST WEATHER cities in the world – always spring

There is a higher chance of you living your life to its fullest, if the climate isn’t too hot or too cold.
In this post, we’ll introduce you to 5 cities in the world where spring never ends!

10 Best countries for a comfortable cheap retirement

In this post we’ll talk about 10 best countries for a comfortable and cheap retirement, based on expats’ experiences, affordability, ease of getting retirement visa, and healthcare

10 Surprising things you can only find in Japan

if you have not been to Japan, we’re here to show you 5 things you can only find in Japan.

5 Surprising things you can only find in Canada

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Top 7 countries for Birthright Citizenship Right now

Did you know that some countries in the world offer citizenship to whoever is born in their country, unconditionally? we’ll introduce you to the top 7 countries that are based on Jus Soli and offer citizenship to any child born in the country.

10 Countries with the most American Expats

More than 9 million Americans are living abroad right now.
There are different reasons for Americans moving to other countries. Some of them travel to other countries and fall in love with the place, some Americans marry foreigners and move to their spouse’s country. Some Americans who work for international companies, move abroad because of their job, and finally, some Americans were only born in the US and moved out to their parents’ country of origin.