Top 7 countries for Birthright Citizenship Right now

Did you know that some countries in the world offer citizenship to whoever is born in their country, unconditionally?

This kind of citizenship rule is called Jus Soli, a Latin word, meaning “Land rights”. Jus Soli rule grants citizenship to children born in the country, regardless of their parents’ status in the country.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the top 7 countries that are based on Jus Soli and offer citizenship to any child born in the country.

1- Argentina

According to Argentina’s citizenship rule, any child born in Argentina is automatically an Argentinean citizen. This term applies to the Falklands island too, as Argentina believes this island belongs to Argentina.

Argentina is a Spanish speaking country, has a population of 45 million people and Argentinean passport is good for 170 countries in the world.

After giving birth in Argentina, the parents can apply for Argentinean citizenship as well, if they reside in Argentina for 2 continuous years.

2- Brazil

According to Brazilian nationality law, any child born in Brazil is considered Brazilian.

Brazil is a large melting pot where you’ll find every race and every skin color, living side by side with low racism against people of color.

Brazil is a Portuguese speaking country with 212 million people and Brazilian Passport has access to 170 countries in the world.

After giving birth in Brazil, the child’s parents will get permanent residency if they wish and can apply for a Brazilian passport, after residing in Brazil for 1 year.

3- Canada

Canada grants citizenship to any child, born in Canada, regardless of parents’ status and according to Henley Passport Index, Canadian passport is constantly among the world’s top 10 passports with access to 183 countries, including the United States.

Canada is an English speaking country with a population of 37 million people in it. According to USNews, Canada is the best country in the world to live in. Canadians enjoy a high-quality life with clean weather in most cities and access to some of the best universities in the world.

4- Chile

Chilean nationality law grants citizenship to any child born in Chile.

Chile is a Spanish speaking country with a population of 19 million people. Chile is one of the best countries in South America and Chilean passport is good for 174 countries, including the US and Canada.

After giving birth in Chile, the parents can apply for Chilean permanent residency, but to be eligible for Chilean citizenship, they should live in Chile for 5 years.

5- Mexico

Mexico offers birthright citizenship to any child born in Mexico, regardless of the child’s parents’ status.

Mexico is a Spanish country with more than 128 million population. Mexican passport allows access to 159 countries in the world, including Canada.

6- United States

Any child born in the US is automatically a US citizen.

United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world and being a citizen in the US means having access to countless great cities, job opportunities, highly ranked universities, and more.

The United States is an English speaking country and home to 331 million people. US passport is good for 184 countries in the world.

However, by giving your child an American citizen, you’re making your child a lifetime taxpayer, even if residing in other countries. This fact is the reason why a lot of American citizens who don’t live there, choose to renounce their American citizenship.

7- Uruguay

Uruguay is another great country that grants citizenship to children born in Uruguay.

Uruguay is the most democratic country in South America and one of the most stable countries in that region.

Uruguay is a Spanish speaking country with 3.5 million people calling it home.

Uruguayan passport has access to 153 countries in the world.

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25 thoughts on “Top 7 countries for Birthright Citizenship Right now

    1. They used to be like that but modified their rule recently.
      Now, in order to gain British citizenship for the newborn baby, one of the parents needs to have a status in the UK other than being a visitor.

        1. I completely agree! I’m a naturalized UK citizen and I got it right before they tightened the rules. I don’t know what’s happened with Brexit, but it’s likely got tighter. I’m sad to say I’m not surprised by it considering the rampant xenophobia there

            1. Definitely! I felt sorry for the people I knew who couldn’t get their kids citizenship! I had to bend over backwards to get mine as it was!

    2. I have something to add. My information is 7+ years old though. Even if the parents have a status other than visitor, it’s no guarantee their kids will be citizens. I know some people who were able to get their kids citizenship and some weren’t even though they were legal residents. They are trying to limit the number of people getting citizenship and it’s likely getting tighter.

  1. Ooohhh … I did not know that if are an American citizen you would still have to pay taxes even when in another country 😮 … would you have to pay taxes to both countries? 😮 if that’s the case – I’m not paying twice lol

    However … you are still allowed to collect benefits even if in another country, but there are rules…

    It’s very interesting … that taxes thing I was not aware of 🤨

    1. Well, it’s actually not that bad. You only have to pay tax to the US government if you are not working in the country of your residence. Otherwise, you just fill your US tax form reach year, pricing you’re working and they’re OK with it.

      If you retire and move out of America, you automatically pay taxes before getting paid. You should only make sure your new country is retirement friendly and doesn’t charge you any income tax! (Which most don’t since they’re happy you’re spending your foreign earned money in their country!)

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