10 reasons to visit Tajikistan

Is Tajikistan a country? Is Tajikistan safe to visit? These two questions are often asked when the subject is about the beautiful country of Tajikistan in Central Asia. This amazing country has a lot to offer, yet unknown which is exactly one of the benefits of visiting Tajikistan! It only means that this country isContinue reading “10 reasons to visit Tajikistan”

10 Most remote and beautiful places in the world

Even though finding a remote place that very few other visitors have ever had the chance to visit sounds somewhat impossible, there are still some remote and beautiful places in our beautiful planet that are still not visited by mass tourism

Uzbekistan – The most backpack friendly country in the world

In this post we’ll explore Uzbekistan, an underrated backpackers heaven with a lot of hidden treasures to discover.

Kyrgyzstan, the horse milk lover country explained

Even though we are living in the internet era and all of that international village thing, there are still a lot of unknown places to us out there that we have no clue about! Have you ever heard of the word “Kyrgyzstan”? I know, it’s even hard to pronounce its name, let go of knowing what it is!

Tajikistan, the heart of Central Asia Explained

Tajikistan is one of the most beautiful, yet untouched countries in the world where you can have lots of fun with a fraction of price, in your mind! Exploring Tajikistan won’t rip off your pocket! What’s better than a cheap travel, with tons of good memories to take back home?

Kazakhstan, Asian or European?! Explained briefly

Kazakhstan is one of the former Soviet states that could successfully move on to a better future. Let’s see how these European Asians are living!

What happened to USSR countries? (Part 2)

What is USSR meaning? What is USSR flag and symbol like? which countries were a part of USSR? What does USSR stand for? “USSR” or “the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” is the name used for the 15 countries that got united and governed under Communism ideology. It existed from 1922 to 1991. We willContinue reading “What happened to USSR countries? (Part 2)”