8 Caribbean Destinations with the Cleanest Beaches

We all have that perfect beach picture in our imagination where the white sand meets crystal clear water and a beautiful palm tree makes a satisfying shadow is expecting us to lay down and think about how good the life is! But in reality, most beaches are crowded and dirty which is far from thatContinue reading “8 Caribbean Destinations with the Cleanest Beaches”

Trinidad and Tobago – an Indian country in the Caribbeans?!

In this post, we’ll talk about Trinidad and Tobago. We’ll learn about Trinidad and Tobago people, Trinidad and Tobago language, Trinidad and Tobago religion, Trinidad and Tobago map, and we’ll be checking if Trinidad and Tobago is a country or a city, if Trinidad and Tobago is safe to visit, what to do in TrinidadContinue reading “Trinidad and Tobago – an Indian country in the Caribbeans?!”

Grenada, the spices Island paradise country explained!

Caribbean Island countries are all beautiful with dreamy beaches, yet different background and future. They all have unique features that make it worthy to visit each one of them.

Does heaven look like Antigua and Barbuda?

Where is Antigua and Barbuda located? What is Antigua and Barbuda capital? How’s the weather like in Antigua and Barbuda? What are Antigua and Barbuda resorts like? being in one of the most popular geographical locations, the Caribbeans, these beautiful islands offer you an extraordinary vacation. Recent History of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and BarbudaContinue reading “Does heaven look like Antigua and Barbuda?”

Haiti – The most mountainous nation in the Caribbean explained

Although there are a lot of potentials, Haiti is the least fortunate Caribbean nation so far which we’ll describe in this post.