10 things you’ll only find in America

The United States of America is the third-largest country in the world. People around the world are more influenced by the American culture than they imagine, usually through Hollywood movies and they generally know a thing or two about the US.

Even though these days, anything could be found anywhere, there are still some things you’ll only find in America.

In this post, we’ll show you 10 special things, unique to Uncle Sam’s country!

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1- American black Friday

In recent years, Black Friday culture could be found in most countries in the world but the original black Friday still belongs to America. On that day, you’ll witness a lot of fighting in the stores, tons of car accidents, and huge lines of people sleeping at the stores’ doors the night before, only to be the first going in!

2- Tipping

Tipping is not considered normal in a lot of countries, especially the European ones, but in the US, there’s a tipping culture that is not written, but expected! If you go to a restaurant and are somewhat satisfied, it’s expected to pay a 20% tip!

3- Unused vacation days

 A total of 768 million vacation days went unused in 2018 in the US! That’s more than 55% of people who were working! This unhealthy style of working is generally seen in the US.

4- “How are you?” means “Hello!”

In the US, most people are used to say “How are you?” as a form of greetings! You should expect to hear it a lot while visiting stores in the US! Don’t expect others to listen to your response after saying it!

5- Pets are children

For Americans, dogs are a serious family member! That’s the main reason there’s a huge dog business in the US with spas, hotels, and daycares for the dogs!

6- Spray cheese

Easy Cheese

No explanation needed! In the US, you can find almost any kind of cheese in a spray!

7- Large portion sizes

Food portion sizes in the US is a huge shock to tourists! In the US, people prefer everything big! Bigger cars, bigger homes, and of course, bigger portions!

8- Waiters checking up

In the US, it’s pretty normal for the waiters to check up on the customer during the meal and ask if everything is OK, or if they need a refill, which annoys visitors from other countries, especially those from Europe!

9- 24/7 stores

How about grocery shopping at 1 AM? Or coffee and donut at 3 AM? America is all about continence!

10- American patriotism

Americans are just too much proud to be American! You’ll find people hanging the US flag everywhere from their home’s front door to their cars! It’s also a tradition to sing America’s national anthem before each sports game!

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41 thoughts on “10 things you’ll only find in America

  1. Stores are open 24/7 because people work all kinds of hours. In England all work seems to stop by 5. Many businesses close by then. People do not take vacation because they are made to feel they are not good workers if they take it all. In other countries restaurants etc. pay their workers a living wage so tipping is not necessary.

    1. Exactly. It’s a little too sad not being able to take your vacation days. In a blink, you’ll be like 50 years old and all you got is work memory (and probably a tired body!)

  2. Wow, talk about simplistic. Not YOU. America. The fact that we have spray cheese, and on the East Coast you get weird eyes like you have a 2nd head if you ask for real cheese on a Hoagie… so, I don’t eat them… always had the feeling with the sandwich… “Where’s the Triscuit?” 🙂 … Spray Cheese. WTF is that, really? Like a Velveeta box says “Processed Cheese Food.” Really? lol. If you have to TELL me it’s food, then I gather it’s not, or very close to not.

    You nailed it on this post. Yes, missed the guns, though so what? No worries, they’ll posture themselves forward to account for the omission themselves. Me? I have to keep a license current on my hands and feet as deadly weapons from Korea, That’s plenty enough nonsense for me. May be true, though just sayin’. I’d much rather do the admin for that than experience spray cheese, so I gather it’s a full-on win.

    Excellent post!

    1. lol! You’re right, it’s cool to have things like spray cheese, but not for regular use, maybe for like when you’re on the road and don’t have access to real cheese! I don’t know. I’m probably talking nonsense!
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. I don’t do Black Friday or spray cheese. And “how are you” as a greeting was something I never thought about until my late 20s, when I was accused of things that didn’t happen at the church I was going to, and one of my “friends” said that one of the reasons people didn’t like me was because they ask “how are you” and I actually tell them how I am, and they really don’t care and they just want me to say “fine” and move on. I’m sorry, I can’t be friends with people that shallow, or attend a church where people are like that…

    1. That’s funny because I had the esact same experience with “how are you”. I always wondered why they didn’t listen after asking it until a South African friend of mine who’d experienced it before, explained it to me!
      It’s so nice to see you here again Craig. I was about sending you an email, asking how you were doing!

    1. I don’t know if it eases your mind at all, but I don’t own a gun and never have, and I don’t actually know a single person who owns a gun and I’ve lived her 60 years. So even though a lot of Americans do seem to like guns, I would say that the majority do not.

      1. I didn’t mean to imply all Americans have guns. I sure don’t and none of my family do. The fact of the matter is that people who do own guns have influenced American culture in a way that no other country has and guns are what people overseas think of when they think of the US. I rest my case

        1. I agree and I don’t own a gun either. I don’t ever need to use one. It’s not in my nature to cause harm yet unfortunately that fact is entirely too prevelant in this country.

      2. I’m laughing out loud my friend with these spot on American isms!!!! We are duperunhealthy workers, I know too many people who are workaholics. Cheese in a can was my sister’s favorite snack growing up. I don’t adhere to this but yes, how are you is not really what most people mean. That one has bothered me on a personal level my entitelife because I actually care how people are and am genuinely curious. A lot of us don’t stand by the meaning of words and I don’t know if it’s the writer in me but words mean a lot to me. I actually mean hello and when I ask someone how they are, I am looking for a response. You have us Americans nailed in this list in a correct way my friend🤣

        1. Lol! In fact, I had to think about this list for a week and asked about it from a lot of people!
          “How are you” thing always bothered me as well and it was a friend of mine who explained it to me! I thought people were just being rude, not listening to my response! Lol!
          Glad to know you enjoyed reading it!
          Thank you for your comment! 😊

            1. Thank you 😍😍😍
              I appreciate your kind words!

              Canadians have the same culture, but they would generally listen to you if you if you wanna tell them how you are doing! 😅 I guess it has to do with life’s pace that you mentioned!

            2. I love you all as a culture and country! I have a few Canadian friends and they are so kind and respectful in that way. There’s an overall genuine spirit that every Canadian i have ever met embodies. It’s the pace here mostly I feel. I live in the South where it is slower thankfully😉

              My pleasure always, i find the information you share fascinating.

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