10 Shocking Facts about Russia

In 2019, more than 5 million people visited Russia. While that seems a lot, for a massive country like Russia, it is nothing. Most people in the world have no idea about anything in Russia and with the new war against Ukraine, even less travelers will dare to visit Russia. We got your back though!Continue reading “10 Shocking Facts about Russia”

Why is Kaliningrad in Europe, a part of Russia?!

European borders are sometimes the strangest borders in the world, with Belgian enclaves in the Netherlands, Gibraltar, a British territory in Spain, or French Guyana, a French territory in South America and the list just keeps going! However, one of the strangest borders in the world would be Kaliningrad, being a part of Russia, whileContinue reading “Why is Kaliningrad in Europe, a part of Russia?!”

5 Reasons why Sofia is worth visiting

Sofia is a charming city in the Balkans that has not been seen as it deserves. Let’s check out the top 5 reasons why Sofia is worth visiting and why Sofia should be added to your bucket list!

Top 10 things to do in Georgia, Europe

Georgia in Europe is a hidden gem, yet to be discovered by adventurous travelers who are down for a decent unforgettable trip. Georgia is an Eastern European country, neighboring Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. This country has countless tourist attractions that would satisfy any traveling type you are into, whether you’re into adventurous, foodie, luxury,Continue reading “Top 10 things to do in Georgia, Europe”

8 reasons why Batumi, Georgia is worth visiting

Batumi is a coastal city in Georgia. This city is one of the best city resorts to find around the Black sea. Most people find Batumi a relaxing city with plenty of hotels and good beaches to chill at and forget about the world for a few days while Batumi has other sides too whichContinue reading “8 reasons why Batumi, Georgia is worth visiting”

Georgia, Europe’s hidden GEM explained briefly

Is Georgia an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Georgia? Where is Georgia’s capital? What is the tourism in Georgia like? Where is Georgia on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Georgia? Where is Georgia? Is Georgia a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Georgia?Continue reading “Georgia, Europe’s hidden GEM explained briefly”

where Disney cities come to life – Slovakia Explained

Slovakia is one of the most gorgeous countries in Europe, yet unknown to most people!
Let’s learn more about this fairyland in this post.

Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained

Is Bulgaria safe for tourists? Is Bulgaria part of Russia? Is Bulgaria a country? What is Bulgaria capital? Is Sofia worth visiting? Why is Bulgaria’s population shrinking so fast? We’ll answer all of these questions in this post about Bulgaria! If God were to tell us which country had a connection with him when heContinue reading “Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained”

Romania – where DRACULA lives [Complete guide]

A beautiful country like Romania doesn’t deserve cliches like “everyone in Romania is a Gypsy” that affects its tourism. Instead, of that, did you know that the real Dracula lived in Romania?

Armenia, the first Christian country in the world! Explained

What is Armenia’s history? What is Armenia’s capital? Which continent is Armenia in? Is Armenia in Europe or Asia? What is people’s religion in Armenia? What is Armenia’s map like? Armenia is the first country in the world that adopted Christianity nationwide. This country has lots of potentials, yet, so underrated. We already covered howContinue reading “Armenia, the first Christian country in the world! Explained”