Which US territory will become the 51st state?

In this post, we’ll talk about the US territories that have a chance to become the 51st state of the United States of America.

12 Things not to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in America which attracts countless visitors to itself each year. There are a lot of things to do when traveling to Hawaii, but in case no one ever told you what not to do there, use this post as your source since we’ll talk about 12 thingsContinue reading “12 Things not to Do in Hawaii”

10 Funniest town names in America

The United States of America as we know was established just a few hundred years ago by immigrants from all over the world. Since this country is still fairly new, a lot of towns and cities have been named after the cities the immigrants come from like London, Copenhagen, and Paris. But some towns tookContinue reading “10 Funniest town names in America”

10 Most beautiful Road Trip Routes in the US

The United States is an amazing country to explore, especially if you are a road trip lover. This country has countless beauties peppered from East to West. In this post, we’ll introduce the top 10 road trips in the U.S. Florida Keys Scenic Highway, FL Known as the “Road to Paradise”, this 110 miles longContinue reading “10 Most beautiful Road Trip Routes in the US”

10 Hidden Natural Wonders in the United States

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8 Caribbean Destinations with the Cleanest Beaches

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The Safest Places in Latin America for Travelers

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10 awesome lake towns to visit in the U.S.

Since the pandemic started, people around the world started reconnecting with mother nature in their countries instead of looking for a Sunny destination which is a positive aspect of Covid-19! The United States is blessed with countless amazing nature destinations from snow, to sand, mountain to cave, ocean to ocean! This country has enough attractionsContinue reading “10 awesome lake towns to visit in the U.S.”

10 most beautiful places to camp in the United States

Whether you’re a winter camper, or a summer one, finding the right place to camp isn’t that easy. especially when you want to look at some perfect scenery with fewer people around! In this post, we’ll introduce 10 most beautiful places to camp in the United States. The only thing to consider is during theContinue reading “10 most beautiful places to camp in the United States”

best christmas towns in USA

Believe it or not, Christmas is closer to us than it appears! The second best thing to do after spending the holidays at home is to travel to a place where you can feel the spirit of Christmas and make memories that would last you for the years to come. In this post, we’ll talkContinue reading “best christmas towns in USA”