5 BEST WEATHER cities in the world – always spring

For most people, spring is the most favorite season, as the weather is not freezing and not like the hell either! Researches show that those who live in a cold climate are often more depressed, obese, and more anxious compared to those who live in more pleasant climates.

Basically, there is a higher chance of you living your life to its fullest, if the climate isn’t too hot or too cold.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to 5 cities in the world where spring never ends!

Santa Barbara US

Santa Barbara in California, the US, is a perfect example for an always spring weather. Santa Barbara has always been competing with San Diego over having the most pleasant weather in the US.

It’s never too hot or too cold in Santa Barbara. The humidity is around 30% at all times and it barely rains!

Loja, Ecuador

Loja, Ecuador: Diamond in the Rough or Just Rough?

Ecuador is a country of extreme weather, such as Amazon rain forests or mountainous weather in most cities, however, there’s a city in central-southern Ecuador called Loja that’s famous as “Valley Of Smiles”. If you travel there, you’ll know the reason behind this name is Loja’s perfect weather, year-round.

Recently, Loja has become a hot spot for those looking at a cheap place for retirement and the lowest cost of living for retirees.

The Canary Islands, Spain

A lot of people are interested in island living, not knowing that false island living advertisements don’t mention how hot and humid it gets (for example) in the Bahamas during summer, with all of those big, annoying insects all around the place.

The Canary Islands, a Spanish territory in the Atlantic ocean, near West Africa’s coast is exactly what you have in mind as the perfect island living. As the islands’ official tourism and travel site mentions the Canary Islands as “a climate that makes you feel full of life”.

It’s always sunny and spring in the Canary Islands. Imagine living beside white sand beaches and seeing the sun every day while no AC or heater is needed! The Canary Islands are also known as “Land of Eternal Spring”.

Central Valley, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a retirement destination for decades now. This beautiful country offers mild weather in the Central Valley region, consisting of the capital San Jose and smaller towns of Heredia, Escazu, Santa Ana, Cartago, Barva, and Grecia.

The main perk of living in Costa Rica is its pleasant weather year-round and having access to stunning beaches and rain forests while enjoying a stable government that has remained neutral for decades now!

Stellenbosch, South Africa

South Africa might be the perfect place for either living or retirement. Stellenbocsh near Capetown is like a dream coming true! The weather is always like spring, plus there’s no shortage of thriving community, history, and entertainment there. Imagine living in a cheaper San Francisco with no fog!

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23 thoughts on “5 BEST WEATHER cities in the world – always spring

  1. So let me see … Santa Barbara I can get to even with travel restrictions 👏

    Still lots of traffic and very expensive

    My heart is kinda set on a tropical island lol ❤️😄 I am interested in the Canary Islands

    They all sound amazing though – all their weather sounds great / year round like that would be my heaven 🥰

    You wouldn’t need winter and summer clothes – oh my gosh … now I want!!

  2. That first picture… McWay Falls?

    Also, the downside to it rarely raining in Santa Barbara is that they have some pretty bad droughts and fires sometimes, and sometimes they have pretty severe government-imposed water rationing.

      1. I’ve only driven through Santa Barbara a few times, and I haven’t really seen much of it.
        (The last time I drove through, in June 2016, the hills nearby were actively and visibly on fire…) I’m more familiar with the weather farther north in California, and the mild winters are too nice, but the coast doesn’t get hot enough for me in the summer. I’m not sure how hot Santa Barbara gets. There’s no way I could ever afford to live there anyway, though…

        (Fun fact: I’ve mentioned in my blog that two of my friends from high school, Paul Dickinson and Jackie Bordeaux, went to school in “Santa Teresa,” which is actually Santa Barbara. I stole the name from the Kinsey Millhone books by the late Sue Grafton, which took place in a fictitious city called Santa Teresa that was also based on Santa Barbara.)

    1. SoCal is awesome in many many ways! (in my opinion)
      It’s my long term goal to buy a vacation home in San Diego cuz it’s just so good!

      Once you move out of NorCal, you’re gonna miss it a lot, trust me! I’ve experienced it before and by the time I was moving, I didn’t even look back, but now I miss tons of things in my ex-home!

      1. California is an amazing place overall! I just like to indulge the NorCal SoCal rivalry. I did a class on California Geography a few years ago and I loved it so much! I am going to miss a lot of things about it

          1. I’m thinking more about my partner really, he loathes planes and I know he won’t hop on a boat so….🤣
            I have some Spaniard in my bloodline and the more I see the more I feel drawn there🥰❤

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