10 Countries with the most American Expats

According to the State Department, more than 9 million Americans are living abroad right now.
There are different reasons for Americans moving to other countries. Some of them travel to other countries and fall in love with the place, some Americans marry foreigners and move to their spouse’s country. Some Americans who work for international companies, move abroad because of their job, and finally, some Americans were only born in the US and moved out to their parents’ country of origin.

Where do Americans move to?

The majority of American expats don’t live far from home with more than 900,000 of them living in Mexico and more than 700,000 living in Canada.

Rank๏ปฟCountryAmerican Emigrants
7United Kingdom158,000
8South Korea140,000

Americans in Mexico

Mexico City has more than 400,000 American citizens in it, making Mexico city the single urban area with the most American expats in it. Most of them are Americans of Mexican descendants.

There are also some American Mexicans who live near the border in Mexico and work in the US. They cross the US-Mexico border every day.

Americans in Europe

Europe is home to more than 800,000 Americans while more than 4 million Europeans live in the US. Americans in Europe are mostly there for work or because of their interracial marriages.

The vast majority of American expats in Europe live in Italy, the UK, Germany, and France.

Americans in Canada

Canada is like America’s sibling! Most Americans in Canada are there for either work or attending Canadian colleges and universities that are generally cheaper than the colleges in the US.

Canada has 1/10 of the US population and offers cheaper living expenses if the household’s income source is US$.

Americans in Asia

The history of American expats in the Philippines and India goes back to WWII when the US Army had a notable presence in those countries. Currently, more than 1.5 million American citizens are living in the Philippines and India.

Americans in Israel

More than 185,000 American citizens are living in Israel. The reason behind it is the US Army military base in Israel, as well as the American Jews who immigrate to Israel by a program called Aliyah.

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  1. Having lived in Europe, I can verify what you said is true. Whenever you meet other Americans in Switzerland, it’s typical to ask, “Are you there for CERN or the UN?” It’s either one or another.

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