5 Surprising things you can only find in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world after Russia. This beautiful country offers high standard living and a welcoming diverse community in most big cities.

There are some unique things that can only be found in Canada. If you’ve never been to Canada, don’t worry! We’ll tell you about some of the special surprising things that are unique to Canada!

1- Bagged milk

It’s not uncommon to see Bagged milk in some countries but in North America, the idea of having milk in a bag is something most people never heard of!

Bagged milk is very common in Eastern Canada, especially Ontario (a Canadian province).

2- Ketchup Chips

Old Dutch Ketchup Potato Chips | Walmart Canada

Some countries aren’t alien to Ketchup flavor chips but in North America, it is as weird as it gets, but not in Canada!

3- Maple syrup

Maple syrup is pancake’s best friend and could be found in most places on earth but the original maple syrup comes from Canada, and it’s only in Canada where you can find the original maple syrup.

4- Poutine

Poutine is Canda’s biggest secret! This outstanding dish consists of french fries, topped up with cheese curds and brown gravy! Tourists who come to Canada get addicted to Poutine after eating it for the first time in Canada.

5- Canadian money

Canadian money is very colorful and beautiful. Plus, it doesn’t get wet as it is made of plastic (synthetic polymer).

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36 thoughts on “5 Surprising things you can only find in Canada

  1. So grateful to you for opening up the world in this way to us all, during these times of relentkess intermittent lockdowns when far flung places are beyond our reach. Our PM said things won’t be back to normal till at least the middle of next year. Middle being half way thru therefore end of June. So…a year hence pretty much.
    Thank you for everything 😊❤🌻🙏

  2. Have never seen or heard of the bagged milk 😄😄 … that is an odd concept to me for some reason. (Except breast milk – I kept that in a bag lol) maybe that’s why is weird to me??

    Lol … the ketchup chips – I have a child obsessed with ketchup (the girl lol) we have these chips at the store too 🤨😝 … I like chocolate covered potato chips – those are incredible! She can have the ketchup ones lol

    I’ve always associated maple syrup with Vermont… I have probably had Canadian though… being in New England area – we had a lot of Canadian things

    I have never tried those fries covered in stuff – maybe chili and cheese or the standard ketchup …

    Curds and gravy huh? I will have to look that up as you has sparked my curiosity!!

    And ooooohhh I like their money!! Colorful and waterproof ??? Yeah!!! Ours is boring green with old men on it lol … I don’t think we even have any with a woman do we? Theirs is way prettier!! Way more practical with that waterproof aspect – I don’t know how many times money has gone in the laundry!! That would have been helpful – way to think ahead Canada!!

    1. lol! Then the whole concept of bagged milk should sound funny to you!

      I’m in love with ketchup, too but not a fan of ketchup chips!

      Yeah, but Canada is the birthplace of maple syrup and we are so so so proud of it! lol! (The last time I had maple syrup was 2 years ago tho! lol!)

      Poutin tastes like heaven! I constantly ask myself why America has not adopted it yet!

      Right. Canadian money is just so cool! People even started washing it in the sink since Covid started. Like the one below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuh6X0zxRL8

      1. On some of my days off, someone wants waffles 🤨 like all the time lol – but the real stuff is expensive here… she gets Mrs. Butterworths lol

        I’ll do the good stuff on a special occasion or something – otherwise way too out of my price range.

        Was better back in Maine – not AS expensive.

        I’m going to have to come to Canada just to have that Poutin!! That’s funny, usually we are all on that sorta stuff lol

        And now my paper money is disgusting lol … I want to wash my money like that!!! I am jealous!!! Even just for that!!

        Yeah I think I’m gonna have to come up there eventually lol

          1. That’s so funny … I bet I would love it there too!

            I will have to read up on this how many days of sunshine lol … I do kinda like the sun, but I probably shouldn’t ✌️ (Irish so not really the greatest for me!)

            But it sounds wonderful up there – not the first time I have heard I would love it

            I have family in Nova Scotia – I have never been up there to visit yet.

            1. I’ve been living in Canada for a long time and have never been to NS too! lol!
              I feel ashamed! But it’s actually cheaper to travel somewhere European or Caribbean than traveling domestically in Canada!

            2. Same here! When I go home to visit family … back East – before corona Oh my god! You need a small fortune!! So I don’t get back much – once every few years… but everyone is kinda gone now. But I miss it back there!!

              I hear Nova Scotia is beautiful – and they tell me all about your healthcare and we have those same bikes 🚲 that anyone can use (in the big cities) the red ones?

              We can get trips to Mexico really cheap lol … not sure about right now?

            3. Our healthcare system is really good but slow! That’s my opinion tho! I wrote about it a while ago and complained about the long waiting time in Canada’s healthcare system and parole started attacking me nonstop! 😅

            4. Yeah my family says that too… and I believe I remember that post. You should repost that – I need a refresher lol

              Ours is slow in the ER … or booking appts.

              I like that yours is free -that your country takes care of its people like that.

              Here it is all about money – there was just something on the news about some guy who’s been in hosp for weeks and on a ventilator from corona – he’s not out of hosp yet… their insurance covers maybe 60%… as soon as they discharge – they gonna be swallowed in medical bills

              That bill would put me back in the hosp lol – but I don’t know how those people are gonna be able to afford that … they be paying on that for rest of lives!!

              See that’s not right – you can’t help getting sick- and then if some do, they be afraid to go and afraid of that Bill.

              Americans don’t like to wait for anything though lol 🙄

              I think there are a few countries who give their citizens free healthcare?

            5. Right. Most European countries offer free healthcare and as far as I know, their helthcare systems are ooefficient, fast an reliable to be true! 😅
              That’s right about the ventilator.
              My neighbor was under a ventilator for 7 weeks because he got coronavirus and the chances of surviving was less than 5% but thank God, he made it and of course, free of charge! Lol!

            6. Ohhh interesting!

              Yeah here it’s even more scary – if you survive the coronavirus… your hospital bill will kill you… that’s gonna be the next thing you gonna see from us!! 😮

              We will all move to Canada lol 😄✌️

  3. Thanks for the sharing. I must try poutine….it looks delicious. Synthetic money looks colorful and cool. But is it environment friendly? I hope so.

      1. You’re welcome. I didn’t know it’s always wet in Canada….just like in London??

        Hey FYI, I have sent you an invitation to re-follow my blog. There has been some glitches with notifications. So I had to “remove you”. Pls check your mail & accept the invite if you would still like to follow my blog. Alternatively, you may click on “Follow” button in your WP reader 🙏✨💛

  4. I’ve heard stories of your fries devilish dish! Your money is do pretty💚 and yes, milk in a bag is interesting! I have always wanted to go to 🇨🇦 Next year it’s a goal for sure 👍

    1. Yes, Poutine is our signature dish. It tastes like heaven! And if you ever come here, buy it from Costco. The Costco ones are the best (I know it sounds weird but I’ve learnt it the hard way! Lol!)

      I live in Vancouver, BC. We don’t have the bagged milk here, but Ontario and Quebec do. It’s cute! Lol!

      Thank you for your comment! 😊

      1. I knew you were in BC, that’s where I want to go!! It’s like a fairytale land to me, it’s stunning! My pleasure I’m sure my friend😊

        1. Well, come from June-Mid August to see BC at its best. Otherwise, you’ll get greeted by a grey rainy sky!
          I’ll give you some more advices near your trip time to make the most out of your vacation! 😊

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