10 Best Cheap Retirement Countries

In this post we’ll talk about 10 best countries for a comfortable and cheap retirement, based on expats’ experiences, affordability, ease of getting retirement visa, and healthcare

12 easiest Ways to Find a Job Overseas

The number one excuse people bring when asking them why they’re not traveling is, “I have no money to travel!” and other excuses like, “I don’t have rich parents or a saving account!”. Well, let’s pick up the money barrier by the ultimate guide to traveling when you have no money or a limited budget!Continue reading “12 easiest Ways to Find a Job Overseas”

Top 7 countries for Birthright Citizenship Right now

Did you know that some countries in the world offer citizenship to whoever is born in their country, unconditionally? we’ll introduce you to the top 7 countries that are based on Jus Soli and offer citizenship to any child born in the country.

6 Travel Hot Spots where U.S. citizens need a Visa for

Having access to 185 countries in the world, doesn’t mean that the US citizens can travel visa-free to every traveling hot spot in the world.

5 EASIEST countries to become a citizen now

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6 Hardest countries to become a citizen this year

Some people might find it hard to get American citizenship, while there are some countries like Qatar where you have to wait for 25 years to be eligible for citizenship and if you’re not Muslim, forget about it!

See the top 10 most Powerful Passports in Africa Right now

Ever wondered what are the top 10 most powerful passports in Africa?
Africa is a wonderland where you’ll find tons of excitements every day, but unfortunately, African passports don’t make it to the top of most powerful passports in the world.