10 things you’ll only find in America

Even though these days, anything could be found anywhere, there are still some things you’ll only find in America. In this post, we’ll show you 10 special things, unique to Uncle Sam’s country!

6 Travel Hot Spots where U.S. citizens need a Visa for

Having access to 185 countries in the world, doesn’t mean that the US citizens can travel visa-free to every traveling hot spot in the world.

5 EASIEST countries to become a citizen now

we will introduce to 5 countries that offer easy citizenship to foreigners.

Venezuela – the highest inflation rate in the world

In this post, We’ll talk about Venezuela, a beautiful country that’s not in its best shape these days, but deserves to be heard for something rather than its on-going crisis!

Uruguay – The most democratic country in South America

In this post, we’ll talk about Uruguay, the most democratic country in South America where its former president, José Mujica drives a 1950 Volkswagen, making him the poorest president in the world.

Falkland islands or Islas Malvinas Explained

In this post we’ll learn about Falkland Islands war, population, map and even the tourist attractions on the Falkland Islands. Who owns Falkland Islands, the UK or Argentina? well, this question has been asked since the 17th century! These beautiful islands sit right beside Argentina’s foot toe while it’s known as a British overseas territory.Continue reading “Falkland islands or Islas Malvinas Explained”

EVERYTHING you need to know about French Guiana

Learn about Mysterious French Guiana, the history behind its existence, tourism, and population.

3 ways to go from San Diego to Tijuana day trip

Lear different ways to go from San Diego to Tijuana for a day trip and how to cross the border!

Trinidad and Tobago – an Indian country in the Caribbeans?!

In this post, we’ll talk about Trinidad and Tobago. We’ll learn about Trinidad and Tobago people, Trinidad and Tobago language, Trinidad and Tobago religion, Trinidad and Tobago map, and we’ll be checking if Trinidad and Tobago is a country or a city, if Trinidad and Tobago is safe to visit, what to do in TrinidadContinue reading “Trinidad and Tobago – an Indian country in the Caribbeans?!”

Why you should visit Windsor Ontario now

Windsor is a small city in Ontario, Canada which is right beside Detroit, MN, US. In this post, You’ll learn about Windsor’s weather, population, and its’ map! In fact, you’ll get to know Windsor ON, better than the local Canadians do! If you stand on Detroit’s side, the picture above is your skyline of Windsor.Continue reading “Why you should visit Windsor Ontario now”