The heaven with no army – Costa Rica Explained

Is Costa Rica an English speaking country? Where is Costa Rica’s capital? What is the tourism in Costa Rica like? What does Costa Rica look like on the map? What is the best time of the year to travel to Costa Rica? Is it dangerous to visit Costa Rica? Where is Costa Rica?

At DB, we don’t like to categorize countries and people but this small nation is like Switzerland in Europe! They’re annoyingly neutral and don’t even have an army because they’re everybody’s friend like that beautiful girl at school, remember her? The one that everyone likes except you! (I’m sure there’s a country out there that’s jealous of Costa Rica!).

Let’s see what Costa Rica has to offer!

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Recent history of Costa Rica

Costa Rica was colonized by Spain and without fighting for it, they became independent in 1821!

After independence the political groups couldn’t agree with each other, so they started Costa Erica’s last war in 1823 and pepper to that, they started building a politically stable country that stood neutral in the world’s conflicts and never needed an Army ever since!

Instead of having an army, they invested in education and health, and now, costs Rica is one of the best countries in health care as well as education. Costs Ricans are one of the most educated countries in Latin America, isn’t that cool?

People in Costa Rica

Mestizos make the majority of the population and most of them look white so, we are talking about a white Latin country that is unique in the Spanish world (Except for Spain).

People are very friendly and out of every 4 Costa Rican, 1 can speak English fluently which is unique in the Latin world again!

What to do in Costa Rica

What do they say? When in Costa Rica, do what Costa Ricans do! They usually chill, dance, and enjoy their lives!

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio: Beaches in Costa Rica

The first reason that persuaded these people’s ancestors to move there was its beaches, which means they’re so damn good! There are numerous beaches in the country to enjoy like which exactly looks like those dreamy beach pictures!

The recommended time to visit Costa Rica beaches is from mid-December to April.

Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica

This gorgeous park is home to a Volcanic mountain that used to be active until 1968. It is also home to Arenal lake and a lot of animal and bird species. Did you know that Costa Rica is home to 5% of the worldโ€™s biodiversity?

Selvatura Adventure Park in Costa Rica

This park is home to butterflies and some unique insects like rhinoceros beetles, tarantulas,  and big 5-inch caterpillars.

There’s a tour at this park which is about an hour and introduces you to its cute residents!

National Theatre of Costa Rica

National Theatre of Costa Rica is located in the capital, San Josรฉ. It is believed that this building is San Josรฉ’s oldest building and it’s famous for its fancy interior. It looks like best European Palaces and in such a fancy building, you can only expect to see the best performances possible!

Teatro Nacional at NightTeatro National de Costa Rica - inside

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  1. Thanks for this article. When I was in college I enjoyed visiting Costa Rica. We visited Puerto Limon on the east coast. That is where English speaking Africans from Jamaica settled in the late 1800s. 3% of Costa Rica’s population is Black. Their community has the advantage of being bilingual in Spanish and English.

  2. My Dad wanted to get a house in Costa Rica, but it never happened. He was always talking about it and how beautiful it is. It looks super exotic to me, but in a good way! I knew about the rain forests and beautiful beaches, but I didn’t know about the National Theater. That looks amazing too.

    1. I’d say your father is a very wise man. I have the same dream about buying a house in Costa Rica!
      It is an amazing country indeed!
      Thank you for your comments, It’s always a pleasure reading them.

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  4. We were there last February …loved much to see and do. Arenal had an eruption when we were there on our previous visit around 2010.

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