Guatemala – The Mayans country explained

Is Guatemala an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Guatemala? Where is Guatemala’s capital? What is the tourism in Guatemala like? Where is Guatemala on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Guatemala? Where is Guatemala? Is Guatemala a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Guatemala? What to do in Guatemala? What is the history of Guatemala?


Central American countries are full of history, but not the kind of history we’re used to (Like King X and revolution Y). Although there’s European-style history in this region too, but if you go back through the time, their rituals and beliefs are unique to themselves!

If you are crazy about the Mayan empire, then Guatemala is the right place to visit! Want to know why? Read this post to understand!

Recent History of Guatemala

The Mayan empire was somewhere from southern Mexican states to the northern Central American region, including Guatemala, Belize, western Honduras and, Northern El Salvador.

Back to recent history, Guatemala was under Spain’s control until September 15, 1821. Soon after independence, Mexico invaded it and they had to fight for their freedom again!

The current government is somewhat democratic.

People in Guatemala

Guatemala has more than 7 million Mayans (Also known as Indigenous), making more than %40 of the population. The rest are mostly Ladinos (Hispanic or Mestizo).

They all speak Spanish but Mayans speak their local language as well. Imagine you’re driving throughout a Spanish village and suddenly the language changes to something else! Beautiful, eh?

What to do in Guatemala

Tikal in Guatemala

As mentioned above, Mayan culture is still huge in Guatemala and archaeological sites are everywhere. The most famous one would be Tikal which is one of the largest Mayan sites ever discovered in the middle of a rain forest!

Iglesia de La Merced in Guatemala

Located in Antigua, Guatemala, this Monastery was built in the 17th century and is one of the main tourist attractions of the country, especially during the Holy week when they have a huge decoration for the Lord, Jesus Christ by fruits and vegetables.

Carpet and decoration for Semana Santa in church La Merced in Antigua, Guatemala

Xetulul Theme Park in Guatemala

This Mayans theme park is the third biggest amusement park in Latin America. It is made of two parks and together, they have over 1 million visitors annually!

Xetulul El Gran Jaguar, la Réplica crop

Plaza de la Constitución in Guatemala

This town square in the middle of the old town of Guatemala city (The capital) has been the beating heart of the country for more than 3 centuries. It had seen tons of protests, concerts, and celebrations since its existence!

Paronacional2015guate 02

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  2. Brings back memories of our visit to is top of my list of historical sites we saw.

      1. Iran is a place we haven’t been. ….not sure if we can go there. ….due to security risk.

        1. There’s no security risk for Iran! It’s only the news! There’s no war in there, nor the lack of security! I’m Canadian and been treated like a celebrity while I was there! Lol
          If you search about it on YouTube, you’ll see countless videos of Americans and in general, Westerners who traveled to Iran and loved it like I did!

          1. That’s good news! When I search on the Canadian Government Travel Advisory there are a majority of countries considered unsafe. Otherwise where in world can we go..

            1. I know! I used to check that website more often but after a while I realized that if I want to listen to its advice, I can never leave Vancouver! Lol!
              YouTube is a better source (in my opinion) because it’s other people’s first hand experience!

  3. For those interested in visiting Tikal, it is possible to do so from San Ignacio in Belize. Day trips are organized by local agencies. Tikal attracts many visitors, but the site is quite large and the organization is fairly good and efficient.

  4. Love it! Thanks
    I am into the Mayan culture, but I’ve never been to Guatemala.
    I’ll add it to my bucket list

  5. Mayan history is so interesting. It’s fascinating that 40% of the country’s population is indigenous. So different from the United States.

  6. Love this one!!

    Lol back in 2012, my oldest was soooo sure the world was gonna end on Dec 21st 2012 because of the Mayan calendar lol

    I kept telling him, no we be fine – people say the world is ending all the time lol … I am used to that by now

    But for awhile there all he talked about were the Mayans lol

    What rich culture and beautiful land!! Love this one!! ✌️

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