Grenada, the spices Island paradise country explained!

Is Grenada an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Grenada? Where is Grenada’s capital? What is the tourism in Grenada like? Where is Grenada on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Grenada? Where is Grenada? Is Grenada a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Grenada? What to do in Grenada? What is the history of Grenada?


Caribbean Island countries are all beautiful with dreamy beaches, yet different background and future. They all have unique features that make it worthy to visit each one of them.

Grenada is one of the countries that has a lot to offer, to make you a lot of good memories to take home.

Recent History of Grenada

Grenada was colonized by the UK and France. They had brought African slaves and Indians there to work in the sugarcane industry. Eventually, the UK forced France out and took over itself. Grenada became a country on February 7, 1974, and joined the commonwealth countries.

Everything was going smoothly until a guy called Maurice Bishop, revolted and tried to make ties with the USSR, East Germany, and Cuba which was successful but he made it clear that he didn’t want to join the USSR as a state.

Then the US stepped in and was like, “Let’s force this guy back to its roots!”, it was accomplished and made the country a peaceful one again!

People in Grenada

Grenada has a diverse society. There are of Indian (Who were brought in by the British), Indigenous, African, and European descendants.

People speak English while French is widely spoken too. They are very friendly and not shy to have a conversation with you!

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What to do in Grenada

Sniff of Paradise in Grenada

As soon as walking out of the airport, you’d sniff nutmeg, chocolate, and other spices almost where ever you go. It flashes back to the holidays for most people, especially those who were used to go to their Grandmother’s house for Christmas!

Visit the Nutmeg, Sugarcane and Chocolate factories in Grenada

There are numerous daily tours to delicious factories on the island where they show you the process of turning these plants to what we know, mostly as baking spices!


Beaches in Grenada

There are a lot of beaches in Grenada to enjoy like Grand Anse Beach, Petite Martinique, and Sandy Island. They are just as good as any other Caribbean destination.

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