Why you should visit Windsor Ontario now

Windsor is a small city in Ontario, Canada which is right beside Detroit, MN, US.

In this post, You’ll learn about Windsor’s weather, population, and its’ map!

In fact, you’ll get to know Windsor ON, better than the local Canadians do!

If you stand on Detroit’s side, the picture above is your skyline of Windsor.

People in Windsor ON

Windsor’s population is about 350,000 considering the metro Windsor. The vast majority of them are students, university staff, factories, and casino workers.

The majority of people are white, with minor groups of Arab and Chinese.


Despite most Canadian cities with clean weather, Windsor is polluted throughout the year due to the factories that are operating on both sides of the border. Because of this, Windsor is the warmest city in Ontario. (Pollution isn’t always negative!)

Windsor-Detroit border

Make sure to have your passport handy when you travel to Windsor because this is the scene you see almost from everywhere in the city.

Detroit skyline from Windsor

It’s so tempting not to cross the border while you see this all day long, especially because most locals cross the border every week to buy clothing and groceries.

If you are an international student going to Windsor, then get ready to get a US visitor visa in case your passport isn’t visa-free for there since all of your future classmates would end up there on weekends and you don’t want to look at them by that binocular in the picture above all day long!

Career opportunities in Windsor

Although Windsor is small compared to Toronto, it has an active economy with unique opportunities.

University of WindsorSt. Clair CollegeFDA CanadaCaesar Casino, and Ford Motors are hiring year-round.

you can also find large vendors like Best buyReal Canadian Superstore and 3 Staples locations which are fantastic for a city of this size!

Activities in Windsor ON

Windsor has an international airport with direct flights to New York, Paris, Cancun, and Cuba as well as daily flights to Toronto and Calgary!

They’re also famous for their Art Gallery and a cool Water Park with an affordable admission rate which even attracts people from Detroit.

Ambassador Bridge

This beautiful Bridge connects Windsor to its neighbor, Detroit.

during good old days, people used to cross the bridge without even having their passport.

Some people run across the bridge and there’s even a day when they empty a lane, just for runners.

Windsor ON has a lot to offer, we wish you the best luck, either you are going to live there or only visiting.

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