EVERYTHING you need to know about French Guiana

Do you know where French Guiana is on the map? Do you know where French Guiana’s Capital is?

Do you know what tourists do there? How about its population or capital?

Have you ever heard of Europe in another continent? Spoiling alert!

First things first, it says French, then It got to be somewhere in Europe! That’s partially true.

Technically this land in South America is a part of France and a part of the EU which makes Europe the only continent that is present in other continents!

Why is French Guiana a part of France?

Let’s put it straight forward! Europeans were so powerful and what does power do? Ruling!

They could easily change the borders and even establish new countries, attack those who didn’t obey and control them until they did obey! That’s the whole history of mankind in 2 sentences.

People in French Guiana

More than %60 of the population are born in French Guiana, as well as a minority group from France, and a lot of immigrants mostly from South American countries like Brazil and other neighbor, Suriname. most immigrants enter illegally by boat to its capital, Cayenne.

There are a lot of reasons for immigrants to live there compared to their own countries like free education and health care, for everyone including illegal migrants, cheap government subsidies housing and more jobs (Even though the unemployment rate is about %20).

What to do in French Guiana

This beautiful place is surrounded by nature. The jungle is always 5 minutes away from you, and by “Jungle” I mean the real one with monkeys and snakes! (Not like your alley’s Creek that you call nature!), besides that, there are also beautiful beaches all around.

People are also, generally happy and welcoming, then pack your bags to experience a unique adventure!

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  1. This is so interesting! I had no idea that it was located in South America or that it was part French and belonged to the EU! That’s insane! Love your information you post!

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