10 of the best travel shows on Netflix to stream now

One of the best joys to have in this world is traveling which is not an option for a lot of people for various reasons such as work, school, price, or some incidents like Covid-19 which shut down the borders for a while. However, there’s an alternative way to enjoy exploring other parts of theContinue reading “10 of the best travel shows on Netflix to stream now”

The heaven with no army – Costa Rica Explained

Is Costa Rica an English speaking country? Where is Costa Rica’s capital? What is the tourism in Costa Rica like? What does Costa Rica look like on the map? What is the best time of the year to travel to Costa Rica? Is it dangerous to visit Costa Rica? Where is Costa Rica? At DB,Continue reading “The heaven with no army – Costa Rica Explained”

Colombia, the world’s second most bio diverse country

In this post we’ll talk about things to do in Colombia, Colombia’s map, Colombia’s people, checking if Colombia is dangerous or not, Tourism in Colombia, Colombia diversity and many other things! What is the first question that comes to your mind when you hear someone’s Colombian? I already know the answer!! “Did you know PabloContinue reading “Colombia, the world’s second most bio diverse country”

Chile, The narrowest country in the world Explained

Is Chile a country? Is Chile an English speaking country? Why is Chile the narrowest country in the world? What is Chile map like? Where is Chile capital? Is Santiago in Chile? Is Chile a democracy? Is Chile a rich country? Read the post below to find out! Every country is unique in some ways,Continue reading “Chile, The narrowest country in the world Explained”