10 of the best travel shows on Netflix to stream now

One of the best joys to have in this world is traveling which is not an option for a lot of people for various reasons such as work, school, price, or some incidents like Covid-19 which shut down the borders for a while.

However, there’s an alternative way to enjoy exploring other parts of the world by watching them on TV. Netflix dedicated a whole genre to traveling which makes it easier for travel lovers to find the amusements around the globe from the comfort of their home.

Below is the list of 10 of the best travel shows on Netflix to stream right now.

1- Dark Tourist

Traveling isn’t all about chilling at a beach, knowing a buffet full of food is expecting you! There are some unusual things to witness as well! Join New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier as he surfs around the world, looking for the dark sides of things like haunted forests, or a nuclear lake!

2- Street Food

The producers of Chef’s table take us to another journey on the streets of different countries, tasting street food chefs and their signature dishes. In the first season, they travel to nine Asian counties of Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

3- The Kindness Diaries

The Kindness Diaries is hosted by Englishman Leon Logothetis who travels from Alaska to Argentina with his vintage Volkswagen Beetle convertible, completely relying on other people’s kindness for all of his expenses, from gas, to shelter and food. Throughout his adventure, he often gets surprised by people’s kindness.

4- Pedal the World

Pedal the World is made by German-born Felix Starck who documents his trip as he cycles 18,000-kilometers across 22 countries.

5- Magical Andes

This documentary follows the stories of 5 individuals in 5 different South American country of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia for their deep connection and love for the mountains.

6- Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Chef David Chang explores four cities of Vancouver, Marrakech, Los Angeles, and Phnom Penh accompanied by different celebrities to explore the culture and the food in those cities.

7- Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World

Christiane Amanpour from CNN travels to in Tokyo, Delhi, Beirut, Berlin, Accra, and Shanghai to explore the meaning of sex and love in each city with a focus on women.

8- Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Based on her best-seller’s book, Samin Nosrat surfs around the world to find the reason what makes the food delicious. Her smiles, happiness, and natural curiosity makes this documentary worth to watch.

9-  Taco Chronicles

WARNING: If you’re hungry, don’t watch this delicious documentary!

In Taco Chronicles, we’ll get familiar with the history behind the most famous tacos in the beloved Mexico!

10- Virunga

This heart-rending Oscar-nominated true story of the rangers risking their lives to save Africa’s most precious national park and its endangered gorillas in Congo.

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