9 Amazing countries Where the U.S. Dollar Goes Furthest

A lot of people think that they can’t travel internationally unless they’re millionaire which is totally wrong. Even if someone’s unemployed or underemployed, Traveling overseas is still an option. There are fabulous countries out there that won’t cost an arm and a leg to visit. In this post, we’ll talk about 10 amazing countries where the U.S. dollar goes furthest right now.

1- Argentina

The second-largest country in South America is famous for its rich culture, Tango dance, and its food. Because of its unstable economy, Argentina is now more affordable than before. For example, you can book a clean no-frills hotel room in Buenos Aires for $30. And since the Argentinean peso is weakened, locals would be happy to accept the U.S. dollar to save you some exchanging hassle.

2- Costa Rica

From Jamaicans to Dutch settlers, Costa Rican culture is more than interesting to explore! If the thriving culture, warm weather, stunning beaches, and abundant wildlife aren’t motivating you enough, the affordability of amazing Costa Rica should! Costa Rica is known as Switzerland of Central America since its government doesn’t take sides and doesn’t have an army either.

3- Croatia

In recent years, Dubrovnik in Croatia has become a hot spot for those seeking sunny beaches, rich history, and more important, because “Game of Thrones” fans realized a lot of scenes were recorded in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The good news is that all of those things aren’t going to cost a fortune since Croatian Kuna is not

4- Mexico

Mexico is known to most Americans and Canadians as a resort country which is partially true, but this country is more than just some fancy hotels. Mexico has a rich culture and an old history to discover. The good thing is that despite Mexican resorts, surfing around the country is too affordable.

5- Colombia

Colombia has just started recovering after a few decades of civil war. This country is so beautiful with the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. And because of the war, their economy could never grow which resulted in having a weak currency. (Not bad news for North Americans tho!)

6- Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a small country sandwiched between Russia and Iran. This country is constantly moving forward with the capital, Baku becoming a tourist hot spot. Traveling to Azerbaijan is so affordable with Azerbaijani Manat being weak against the U.S. dollar.

7- Cambodia

Cambodia in Southeast Asia is beautiful and surprisingly affordable. Aussies and Kiwis already know about this small Asian gem and book a lot of all-inclusive Cambodian resorts, but it’s still unknown to North Americans.

8- Armenia

Similar to Azerbaijan its neighbor, Armenia is affordable too. If you are a fan of Whiskey, old churches, and meat dishes, Armenia is calling you!

9- Egypt

Egypt’s economy has struggled since its citizens ousted former president Hosni Mubarak in 2011. The economy is recovering ever since but their currency, the Egyptian Pound is still weak against foreign currencies which is good news for budget travelers.

10- Turkey

This stunning bridge between Europe and Asia has always been an affordable country but since the unsuccessful coup de tat, the Turkish economy has not yet been recovered which weakened the Turkish Lira against the U.S. dollar.

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