10 Best Places Abroad to Buy a Vacation Home

With all of the inventions that have connected different parts of the world, living between nations is easier than ever in history, then why shouldn’t you take advantage of this? I know it sounds like someone from the 17th century is talking, but think about it for a second, we are living our ancestors dreamsContinue reading “10 Best Places Abroad to Buy a Vacation Home”

Belize – an English speaking heaven in Central America?

Yes, that’s true! There’s a heaven-like English speaking country right below Mexico called Belize! Belize is a small country with a lot of facts to amaze you. In this post, we’ll know why this country is so good both for visiting and living. Recent History of Belize Belize was a British colony called British HondurasContinue reading “Belize – an English speaking heaven in Central America?”