10 awesome countries to invest in Real Estate

2020 is probably one of the weirdest years in mankind’s history when the world got hit worse than any worldwide war, but in this post, we’ll be looking at one of the advantages this year has brought for us!

If one thing got proven after COVID was that no, the US dollar isn’t the best way to secure your savings, nor is the stock, while some alternates like buying a property never go out of style. Throughout history, those who secured their money with real estate where the ones who gained wealth over time.

You might be thinking, OK, but real estate is not as affordable in the US or Canada! The good news is that other countries are here to save the day!

In this post, we’ll introduce 10 awesome countries to invest in Real Estate. If you are looking for long-term wealth, you don’t want to miss this post.


Panama in general has always been a hot real estate market, especially in Panama City where there are good rental and agricultural opportunities. The real estate market in Panama City is very popular among South Americans, Europeans, and Americans, but there’s a new wave of Chinese investors who are showing interest in there which means more construction and continuous growth rate in Panama over time.


Seashore of Fortaleza (2)

Brazil is such too big, to sum up as one market, some of the areas have a more interesting property market. For example, the Fortaleza area is a great place to buy a house, especially near the beach since it’s very popular among Brazilians as a travel destination. You can easily rent it to local tourists throughout the year.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the countries that enjoys a strong economy thanks to tons of tourists who spend a lot on their vacations. this country saw more than 6.2 million tourists in 2017, up 3.9% from 5.9 million in 2016.

It’s good to focus on the capital, Santo Domingo where you can rent your property any time of the year.


Thailand is an awesome place to invest in agricultural lands but the housing market is a valuable investment too.

The only downside is that restrictions are placed on how foreigners can own property. As a foreigner, you can own 49% of an apartment in Thailand which is an awesome investment in the capital, Bangkok. Remember that Bangkok alone gets more than 22 million visitors on average, annually.


Portugal is a hot spot for property investment for those who are seeking an easy residency program in the EU zone, as well as those who want to earn back what they paid for their property, as this country gets many visitors each year which is increasing each year.

Some neighborhoods in Lisbon are overpriced but if you are up for a renovation project, you can find great deals in those areas, and in general, along the countryโ€™s Algarve coast and the Porto region north of Lisbon are still reasonably priced.

Portugal is among one of the countries that still qualify foreigners for a property mortgage.


France, and in particular Paris is a great stable place for property investment. They prices go up and down like other parts of the world, but in the long-term, it’s a great investment to buy a property in Paris.

In France, foreigners are eligible for in-country financing.


Mexico is a very popular destination among Canadians and Americans which means a lot of tourists year-round. for investment in real estate, Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast and Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya are highly recommended since these areas get a lot of attention from international tourists.


Belize is very popular among expats which only means great rental property investment opportunities, especially in Cayo, because it’s not easy to find a high-quality rental at a reasonable price. If you buy a decent place and rent it a little cheaper than usual, you secured yourself a steady income.


Turkey has been a hot real estate market for such a long time now, even though the 2016’s coup slowed down foreign investments, it’s getting back on track sooner than expected. Turkey is among the 10 most visited countries in the world, constantly, and its largest city, Istanbul is an awesome place to invest in the property’s market. This city is among the 10 most visited cities in the world too.

Turks And Caicos

If you are looking at a luxury Real Estate market, Turks And Caicos is your Go-To country. The rental prices in this country are more compared to having the same kind of property in the US, and Turks And Caicos banks lend money to foreigners too. You just want to be careful with the amount of loan you get since the tourist industry has a high and low season in this country.

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