Why are there two Countries called Congo?! (Part 1)

What is the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DR Congo or DRC? hy are there two Congo? What is Republic of the Congo or R Congo? DR Congo vs. Congo? What’s DR Congo language? What is DR Congo culture like? Republic of the Congo vs. DRC? Where is DRC Capital? Where is Republic ofContinue reading “Why are there two Countries called Congo?! (Part 1)”

San Marino – The world’s oldest Republic [Explained]

San Marino is surrounded by Italy. It’s always been independent!It’s the third smallest country in Europe after the Vatican and Monaco!Zoom out in the map below to see how small this landlocked is! History of San Marino San Marino has always been a sovereign state as well as the oldest republic in the world, establishedContinue reading “San Marino – The world’s oldest Republic [Explained]”

Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained

Is Bulgaria safe for tourists? Is Bulgaria part of Russia? Is Bulgaria a country? What is Bulgaria capital? Is Sofia worth visiting? Why is Bulgaria’s population shrinking so fast? We’ll answer all of these questions in this post about Bulgaria! If God were to tell us which country had a connection with him when heContinue reading “Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained”

Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3 official Presidents, Explained

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina a country? Why does Bosnia and Herzegovina has three Presidents? where is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital? What happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina after war? What is Bosnia and Herzegovina religion? How does Bosnia and Herzegovina map look like? Every country has its uniqueness. One has two capitals, another one has aContinue reading “Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3 official Presidents, Explained”

Romania – where DRACULA lives [Complete guide]

A beautiful country like Romania doesn’t deserve cliches like “everyone in Romania is a Gypsy” that affects its tourism. Instead, of that, did you know that the real Dracula lived in Romania?

Armenia, the first Christian country in the world! Explained

What is Armenia’s history? What is Armenia’s capital? Which continent is Armenia in? Is Armenia in Europe or Asia? What is people’s religion in Armenia? What is Armenia’s map like? Armenia is the first country in the world that adopted Christianity nationwide. This country has lots of potentials, yet, so underrated. We already covered howContinue reading “Armenia, the first Christian country in the world! Explained”

Albania – Europe’s Muslim country explained

In this post we’ll talk about Albania’s religion, Albania’s capital Tirana, the tourism in Albania and the beaches there, and Albania’s map. Europe is known by Christianity (mostly Catholicism) but there’s one nation in the Balkans which has a majority of Muslims in it. Interesting, right? (There’s also two other European Muslim countries called NorthContinue reading “Albania – Europe’s Muslim country explained”

5 Affordable paradise beaches to go after quarantine

What is your after quarantine bucket list? how about your after quarantine to do list? what things do you want to do? We all are familiar with New year’s resolution but there’s another one popping up called “After quarantine resolution” which makes sense! There’s a lot of pressure on the society and once this CoronavirusContinue reading “5 Affordable paradise beaches to go after quarantine”

Warsaw, Europe’s unique capital Explained

We all heard about Warsaw, Poland, but how much do we know about it? This city is like a deeply rooted tree that had to fight against axes and thunderstorms and every time It could win and grow strongly. Let’s get to know this wonderful city. Recent history of Warsaw Poland has a strategic locationContinue reading “Warsaw, Europe’s unique capital Explained”

5 most underrated capitals in Europe

When the word “Europe” comes to mind, we all think of some popular cities like Paris, London, and Rome but this continent has a lot of hidden gems that are not being seen as much in the shadow of their famous competitors! In this post, we would get to know 5 cities that you shouldContinue reading “5 most underrated capitals in Europe”