5 Affordable paradise beaches to go after quarantine

What is your after quarantine bucket list? how about your after quarantine to do list? what things do you want to do?

We all are familiar with New year’s resolution but there’s another one popping up called “After quarantine resolution” which makes sense!

There’s a lot of pressure on the society and once this Coronavirus thing is over, everyone with any budget needs a paradise to escape to!

Since the travel bans are being removed for summer 2020, here are 5 Affordable paradise beaches to go after quarantine.

1-Phuket, Thailand

Thailand’s most dazzling island is there to offer you an unforgettable relaxing time at its white-sand beaches. The atmosphere is so diverse that you may never want to leave. The food is way too cheap and if you’re not looking for a fancy hotel, you can affordable rooms there.

2- Ksamil Beach, Albania

This heaven-like place has a more reasonable price compared to similar beaches in Italy or Spain.

You can find rooms with less than $15 a day and eat near the beach at $6.

Not a lot of people know this place, which means you won’t get bothered by the crowd.

3- Ho Coc Beach, Vietnam

This paradise would just suit any budget. You can go from the luxury resort with private beaches to renting a room, for like $10 a day. The water is unpredictable tho! So, you may want to check the season before going there.

4- Agonda Beach in Goa, India

Goa beaches are crowded but Agonda is not as busy as the other ones. You’d still meet some hippies.

5- Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is affordable in general. The beaches are great and match whatever you have in mind.

Plus, everywhere you go, people are friendly and welcoming.

Do you have any recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below.

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38 thoughts on “5 Affordable paradise beaches to go after quarantine

  1. Goaaaa is such a beautiful beautiful paradise! I would love to stay there but I am not rich! Vietnam is on my bucket list and I wish to visit it after the Corona thing

  2. The colors in the Philippines! I’m in quarantine and working on a post about beautiful beaches to help pass the time. Which brought me to your post! Thank you for sharing some stunners I’m now hoping to see one day.

  3. I love Menorca, it’s a Biosphere Reserve and has absolutely beautiful beaches, I feel so safe there I get up and going running at 6.30 in the morning alone in the borough I live in I wouldn’t do that, the people are lovely too.

  4. Hm. I’ve come to appreciate the clean air, now. What if we abandoned some of those polluting travel habits & stayed closer to home?

  5. They all look lovely. I think international travel will be banned long after we are let out of our houses, unfortunately. Great too have some of those photos on the wall to dream though.

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