Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3 official Presidents, Explained

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina a country? Why does Bosnia and Herzegovina has three Presidents? where is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital? What happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina after war? What is Bosnia and Herzegovina religion? How does Bosnia and Herzegovina map look like?

Every country has its uniqueness. One has two capitals, another one has a witchcraft official religion or even having another country’s President as a Prince!

Let’s appreciate living in such a diverse world and get to know the differences as much as possible!

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country in the world that has 3 official Presidents, each representing an ethnicity.

The country’s name makes people think that the ethnic groups living in the country are either Bosnian or Herzegovinian which is partially wrong! We’ll discuss it more while learning about its history.

Recent History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

They used to be a part of the Ottoman Empire which made almost half of them Muslim. Everything was (Sort of) fine until 1992 when the three major ethnic groups started a war which continued for 3 years and in the end, there was no result other than peace and co-existence.

They couldn’t agree on one president to represent the whole country, so they had to come up with the idea of having three!

Željko Komšić, Milorad Dodik and Šefik Džaferović; Photo: Presidency of BiH

People in Bosnia and Herzegovina

People in Bosnia and Herzegovina are from three ethnic groups of Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats.

Before their latest war, they could get along pretty good but after it, they prefer to live in separate neighborhoods and don’t face each other as much as possible. Most of them believe that it would take decades to expect a melting pot out of the country’s society.

Half of the population is Muslim while the other half is Christian. The Muslim community has a European Islam-Style like their fellow Balkan Muslims in Albania.

What to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital

As our previous recommendation, It’s ideal if you read “The Cellist of Sarajevo” before traveling there. This true story is beautifully written and happens in Sarajevo during the war. After reading this book, you just want to go there and see the locations by your own eyes!

Old bridge in Bosnia

There’s a very good chance that you’ve seen this bridge on TV when they hold Diving contests.

This historic bridge is located in the Mostar city and hosts a lot of tourists to itself because of its location and view.

Baščaršija in Bosnia

This old Market in Sarajevo was built in the 15th century and is also home to several historical buildings like the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque. If you want to know how people have been living in the capital for hundreds of years, visit this colorful market.

Kravice Waterfall in Bosnia

This fabulous waterfall is a good example of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s outstanding nature.

It’s only 40 km away from Mostar and people usually go there to picnic and to swim.

Bjelašnica in Bosnia

This mountain peak is only 20 minutes driving from Sarajevo and offers visitors a dreamy view.

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