Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained

Is Bulgaria safe for tourists? Is Bulgaria part of Russia? Is Bulgaria a country? What is Bulgaria capital? Is Sofia worth visiting? Why is Bulgaria’s population shrinking so fast? We’ll answer all of these questions in this post about Bulgaria!

If God were to tell us which country had a connection with him when he was giving away the earth to us, he’d probably whisper, “Bulgaria!”.

Yes, that’s how much of a perfect location this country has!

It has all the perks of beautiful landscapes, mountains, and to-die-for beaches!

Despite its beauty, the residents still leave their homeland as much as about 62,000 people every year!

Let’s learn about this dreamland!

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Recent History of Bulgaria

They used to be a part of the Ottoman empire, but despite some of its other Balkan neighbors like Albania who are still in love with Turkey, Bulgaria doesn’t like that part of its history.

The Russians helped them to force Turks out and transferred Communism into Bulgaria and eventually, after a few years of being communist, they changed their way to the Western countries and now by being officially a part of the EU and NATO, their economy boomed for good, especially the tourism.

People in Bulgaria

Most people are Bulgarians, with a minority of Turks and Russians.

Although they love their country, most people have no other choice but to leave either their villages or the country to find better jobs.

As a result, each year the number of abandoned villages and towns grows!

What to do in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is cheap!

Yes, the country is one of the cheapest places in the EU for vacation enabling you to chill at the beach and treat yourself like you deserve with Bulgarian cuisine!

Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Let’s start with my favorito, the beach!

There are gorgeous beaches in Bulgaria because of the black sea and more than 200 resorts and hotels to fit any budget.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Bulgaria

built in 1882, this beautiful Cathedral is one of the top 50 biggest churches in the world, located in the capital, Sofia.

Borovets Ski resort in Bulgaria

Just because they have the nicest beaches, doesn’t mean they don’t have the nicest Ski Resort!

Eyes of God (Prohodna) in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has tons of caves and waterfalls in it. The most famous one is Prohodna, famous as eyes of God. If you want to get the most out of this cave, go there when it’s the full moon.

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38 thoughts on “Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained

    1. Our world is full of wonders but I don’t think it would ever happen since Bulgaria is a part of the EU, so, technically if an outsider attempts to occupy it, they’re risking a war with powerful European countries!
      What do you think about this theory?

  1. This is definitely on my list of where to visit because now I know where to visit even with my limited funds. I do hope things get better for the citizens so they don’t necessarily have to leave their beautiful country.

    1. Right. I feel so bad when I think about them, having to leave to other parts of Europe.
      You’d enjoy the place a lot and once you get there, everything is too cheap. I’d say your biggest expense would be the ticket (if you’re not planning to go to a fancy hotel)
      Thank you very much for your comment!

  2. Wow, I love to visit Bulgaria some day! Turkey and Bulgaria, both have a long history

  3. Those are certainly some beautiful pictures. I remember as a child, back in the 70’s, collecting stamps and seeing ones from places like Bulgaria and finding where the country was on my globe.

      1. Yes, I think I still have them. I have my old stamp collection still. I haven’t looked at it in a couple of decades at least though.

        1. That’s so cool!
          your comment reminded me of my coins collection I collected when I was a kid. It’s still at my parents house! I should pick em up the next time I visit. lol
          I’d love to see your stamp collection if you look them up someday. that would be a great post on your blog.

  4. Woww I had NO idea that Bulgaria was such a cool place! It’s too bad that such places should gradually shrink.

    Maybe that might improve, after the crisis- especially as I think people won’t seek the big and crowded cities as much as before. And they might prefer other tiny havens as this, as their working spots!


    1. Ah that’s just unfair. I have always wished to visit Bulgaria. I hope things get better and people return and add to the diversity and happiness of this beautiful country

        1. Exactly! In fact I had plans to go there and to Romania soon. But the situation has changed the plans. I hope they turn out better and I get to see the serenity soon.

          1. I have a plan to visit the Balkans again, by car this time, from Slovenia to Bulgaria.
            It won’t cost much to rent a car since almost all of the countries in the area are cheap both for accommodation and food.

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