Why are there two Countries called Congo?! (Part 1)

What is the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DR Congo or DRC? hy are there two Congo? What is Republic of the Congo or R Congo? DR Congo vs. Congo? What’s DR Congo language? What is DR Congo culture like? Republic of the Congo vs. DRC? Where is DRC Capital? Where is Republic of the Congo capital? What is the language of people in Congo? You can read all the answers below!

Our world’s geography is full of wonders. Just by looking at the map, you’ll face a lot of questions like why two Spanish cities are in Morocco, or why there are too many enclaves between European countries, but the one that always occupied my mind was when I zoomed in on African countries of “Republic of the Congo” and the “Democratic Republic of the Congo”. Why should there be two of them while they’re exactly beside each other?

We’ll find the answer in two parts. In the first one, we’ll talk about the larger sister, the “Democratic Republic of the Congo” or simply “DR Congo” and even simpler “DRC”!

Let’s see what DRC is up to!

Recent History of DR Congo

This Congo was colonized by Belgium for a few years. After independence, they decided to go the Western way of democracy and were doing good for a while but eventually, unhappy groups started a civil war that lasted for a few years and its only result was more than 5 million displaced people, spreading around the world.

The situation is OK now but despite having incredible natural resources to sell, because of the country’s poor administration, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second poorest country in the world!

If you are interested to know more about DR Congo’s history, Click on the image below to read this fabulous book about Democratic Republic of the Congo.

People in DR Congo

DR Congo has one of the most population growth in the world. Even though they had a civil war for a few years, the population grew from 39 million in 1992 to more than 84 million in 2018!

There are more than 250 different tribes in the country. There are still a lot of tribes unknown with no name! If you zoom in on the country’s map, you’ll see tons of villages in the middle of the forest with no information.

People are happy and welcoming. Although they all have local languages and dialects, everyone speaks French.

What to do in DR Congo

DRC is Africa’s second-biggest country after Algeria, so no matter how long you stay there, you cannot see everything that this country offers!

Nyiragongo’s lava lake in DR Congo

This is not your typical lake! This lava lake is at the top of Mount Nyiragongo. Once you reach the point where you have a good view of the lake, wait until the sun goes down and you’ll witness the hidden treasure that very few other people had the chance to see! Lava shows the red color the best when there’s no light.

Kahuzi-Biéga National Park in DR Congo

This park is home to Gorillas. You can attend tours with knowledgeable guides who would tell you everything about Gorillas’ daily life.

Lake Tanganyika DR Congo

Lake Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake in the world, crossing four countries including DRC. You can go camping, fishing, rafting, and relax beside the fresh breeze of this lake.

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