15 Best countries for Female Solo Travelers

If you are a solo female traveler, you have to consider even more factors, such as the safest countries for solo female travelers or the best places to go as a solo female traveler and other factors such as where to stay at nights as a solo female traveler, and the list just goes on!

Why are there two Countries called Congo?! (Part 1)

What is the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DR Congo or DRC? hy are there two Congo? What is Republic of the Congo or R Congo? DR Congo vs. Congo? What’s DR Congo language? What is DR Congo culture like? Republic of the Congo vs. DRC? Where is DRC Capital? Where is Republic ofContinue reading “Why are there two Countries called Congo?! (Part 1)”

Why is Belgium inside Netherlands?

Is baarle-hertog in Belgium? is baarle-nassau in Netherlands? Why are baarle-hertog and baarle-nassau, so confusing? where is the border between baarle-hertog and baarle-nassau? Life is full of surprises, so are some of the international borders! Complicated borders aren’t always annoying, like the ones between cities of Baarle-Nassau in the Netherlands that shares its land withContinue reading “Why is Belgium inside Netherlands?”