12 Reasons to visit Montenegro this year

The Balkans region is the most beautiful place on earth, according to a lot of experienced travelers. This region is blessed with spectacular nature that leaves every viewer speechless. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro are 100% located within the Balkans region. Although they’re similar in some ways, each one of them has its own uniqueness. Montenegro, theContinue reading “12 Reasons to visit Montenegro this year”

Croatia is not all about the beaches – Croatia explained

Is Croatia an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Croatia? Where is Croatia’s capital? What is the tourism in Croatia like? What does Croatia look like on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Croatia? Where is Croatia? Is Croatia a country or a city? What is the religion of the populationContinue reading “Croatia is not all about the beaches – Croatia explained”

Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained

Is Bulgaria safe for tourists? Is Bulgaria part of Russia? Is Bulgaria a country? What is Bulgaria capital? Is Sofia worth visiting? Why is Bulgaria’s population shrinking so fast? We’ll answer all of these questions in this post about Bulgaria! If God were to tell us which country had a connection with him when heContinue reading “Bulgaria, The fastest shrinking country in the world Explained”

Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3 official Presidents, Explained

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina a country? Why does Bosnia and Herzegovina has three Presidents? where is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital? What happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina after war? What is Bosnia and Herzegovina religion? How does Bosnia and Herzegovina map look like? Every country has its uniqueness. One has two capitals, another one has aContinue reading “Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3 official Presidents, Explained”