5 Reasons why Sofia is worth visiting

When people talk about European capitals, it’s mostly famous ones like Paris, London, Madrid, or Rome, but no one seems to know much about other capitals such as the most inexpensive capital in Europe, Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital.

Sofia is a charming city in the Balkans that has not been seen as it deserves. Let’s check out the top 5 reasons why Sofia is worth visiting and why Sofia should be added to your bucket list!

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5- Bulgarian Cuisine

Since Bulgaria is located near Greece and Turkey, Bulgarian cuisine is similar to its neighbors with unique influences that makes it different! Bulgarians are truly experts in grilling meat and making tasty salads. If you travel to Sofia, you should definitely try banitsa and tarator.

When in Sofia, your food options seem endless, from typical Bulgarian mehana (pubs) to high-end restaurants.

The bonus point is cheap prices for food (and generally everything else!) which means far less damage to your pocket!

4- Sofia is romantic

With many options in drinking wine and beer, accompanied by delicious treats and dishes, you’d have a great anniversary or a date night in Sofia, especially since Bulgarian wine is of high quality, especially Bulgarian red wine! Just imagine sitting in front of your love, sipping on your tremendous Bulgarian red wine, and eating the best meat of your love, while looking at your love enjoying his/her time eating and talking to you!

3- Sofia is the heart of Bulgaria’s history

If you are interested in Bulgaria’s fascinating history, Sofia is the place to go. With a lot of museums and galleries, you’ll get a great understanding of Bulgaria’s past and present. Start with the National history museum, where they showcase the country’s history, as well as different exhibitions throughout the year. Then, you can visit the National Art Gallery and the Museum of Socialist Art.

2- Vitosha Mountain


Sofia is lucky for having a beautiful mountain called Vitosha, only 30 minutes away from Sofia’s center. Vitosha Mountain is always looking at Sofia with its mostly snowy peaks!

You could enjoy hiking and skiing on Vitosha. If you end up hiking to the top, you can give yourself a treat at the tea house over there.

1- Drink mineral water in the streets

Credits: sofia-guide

You can drink pure mineral water in Sofia’s streets. Sofia is famous for its precious mineral water springs. Some fountains in the city are actually sourced from the mineral water where local Sofians fill up their bottles with because it tastes much better than the tap water.

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  1. And another reason: you can walk around the center easily and find lots to see within a short distance. It’s not completely ruined by tourism yet either. At least, last time I was there.

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