8 reasons why Batumi, Georgia is worth visiting

Batumi is a coastal city in Georgia. This city is one of the best city resorts to find around the Black sea. Most people find Batumi a relaxing city with plenty of hotels and good beaches to chill at and forget about the world for a few days while Batumi has other sides too which makes this city a great place to spend a few days at!

In this post, we’ll tell you what to do in Batumi and how to spend a few days when in Batumi.

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Batumi weather

Because of its location in Subtropical Zone at the foot of Caucasus, Batumi adopted mild weather where winters don’t get too cold and summers not too hot!

Batumi’s weather is the main reason why the elite of the Imperial Russian Empire chose to vacation in it and plant the seed of transferring Batumi into a touristic hub!

During the USSR period, Batumi couldn’t thrive as much, however, after Georgia’s independence from the Soviet Union, one of the government’s long term plans was to recover the tourism economy of Batumi!

Batumi architecture

At first glance, Batumi feels like a modern city, but as you walk a few blocks in the city, you’ll notice a lot of Russian 19th-century-style houses and Soviet apartments that are colored brightly. The old buildings combine well with the modern ones such as Batumi’s Radisson Blu Hotel or Batumi Tower which are only blocks away from the old side of the town!

Hopa, Turkey

Batumi is only 37 km (23 miles) away from a touristic city in Artvin, Turkey called Hopa. If you are down for some delicious Turkish cuisine and enjoying the beach at the Black Sea in Turkey, then Hopa is calling you!

Crossing the Georgia-Turkey border is usually easy and fast which makes it ideal for separating a full day for your trip to Turkey from Batumi!

Monuments and Sculptures

The add-on to the list of architectural cool sites of Batumi would be its monuments and sculptures, spread out all over the city. The most famous one would be Ali and Nino, the tragic story of Ali, a Muslim boy, and Nino, a Christian Georgian princess.

The Alphabetic tower is also the second-most famous after Ali and Nino, displaying Georgian alphabets around its 130 metres height!

If you have enough time to be in Batumi, try seeing the monuments and sculptures both during the daylight and at nights when most of them are lighten up!

Batumi Botanical gardens

Yes! Batumi even has botanical gardens that are not only nice to visit for a few hours, but also give you a great view of the city.

Georgian cuisine in Batumi

File:Chashushuli at restaurant Rioni.jpg

After the capital, Tbilisi, Batumi is the best city in Georgia for food lovers since there are many outstanding restaurants and cafes all over Batumi with tons of options in both dining and wining.

The best neighborhood for catching up with the food section of your Batumi trip would be the old town.

Las Vegas of the Black sea

Probably the first thing that comes to your sight in Batumi is the number of casinos in the city. You’ll literally find a casino on every corner. The reason behind Batumi casinos is Turkey, where gambling is illegal which drives tons of Turks to the other side of the border, only to gamble!

Batumi people

Most youngsters in Batumi speak English pretty good while the older ones speak Russian, but no English. However, it doesn’t matter which language you speak. If you smile, Georgians would smile back at you!

It is a common thing for local girls to marry as young as 20 years old, then your Tinder app is not getting you anywhere in Batumi!

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19 thoughts on “8 reasons why Batumi, Georgia is worth visiting

  1. I have noticed many people are mentioning Georgia lately as a perfect destination for many reasons! I personally find it to be an excellent choice for young travelers or beginners who like to travel on a budget. Yet, after this article, I am now convinced even more that it would be a great choice for me in the near future!
    Great article, hopefully I could visit some friends there very soon.

  2. I knew a couple Russians who lived in Georgia and they loved it! What’s interesting is how well they were able to learn Georgian and Georgians learning Russian because it’s apparently hard for them to learn each others’ languages. They are completely unrelated languages to each other.

      1. I know! It makes me wonder if it’s like native English speakers learning Mandarin, or if it’s harder. I was brave enough to learn Russian, but I will not learn Georgian thank you very much!

            1. No, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t even get close to hold a proper simple conversation and now, can’t remember any of it! Lol!
              I’m learning Spanish now which is basically half English! Lol

            2. Yep. I found it’s much easier to learn languages after Russian. Granted, I have a high proficiency in Russian and the harder a language is, the more skills you learn to master it. I have friends who have taught me some words in Mandarin and Korean and they say I have good pronunciation. Maybe I might try a harder language someday. Good on ya for trying Georgian though!

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