The Ultimate Travel Guide to Burundi

What language do people speak in Burundi? Is Burundi safe to travel? Why is Burundi so poor? Where is Burundi’s capital? What is the recent history of Burundi? Is Burundi a cheap country to travel? What is Burundi map like? Let’s see the answers in the post below! Burundi is Africa’s second-smallest nation, as wellContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Burundi”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Burkina Faso

Do you know about Burkina Faso history? Do you know where Burkina Faso capital is? Do you know what language Burkina Faso population speak? Is Burkina Faso a safe country? Is Burkina Faso a poor country? We’ll answer them all below! Ever thought which country has the coolest name? No need to think more, it’sContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Burkina Faso”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Botswana

Are you planning to go on a safari in Botswana? Where is Botswana? Where is Botswana’s capital? Is Botswana a democracy? How are Botswana people like? Not all African stories are sad. There are great examples like Algeria or Angola and a magical country called Botswana! The transition in Botswana is like seeing a homelessContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Botswana”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Rwanda

In this post, we’re going to talk about a country that went from one of the worst countries on earth to one of the third fastest growing economy in the world (as well as the fastest growing economy in Africa).

The ultimate travel guide to Benin

Is Benin a country? Where is Benin capital? What is voodoo voodooism? what does Voodoo mean? Is Voodoo a religion? Voodoo, a witchcraft religion? Is Benin a republic? What are Benin people like? Is Benin in Africa? what is Benin Kingdom? There are a lot of religions in the world. Some of them made theirContinue reading “The ultimate travel guide to Benin”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Angola

Where is Angola located? What is expat life like in Angola? Is Luanda in Angola a good city for expats to live in? What is Angola’s language? What’s people’s religion in Angola? It’s unusual to see any other city rather than Hong Kong or Singapore to make it to the top of the lists inContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Angola”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Algeria

What do most people know about Africa? Hmm, almost nothing! The whole humanity thing started in Africa and then from there, people migrated elsewhere in the world. Today more than 1.2 Billion people still call Africa, home! Algeria is its biggest country in size. The title used to be for Sudan, but since they separatedContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Algeria”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nigeria

You’ve probably (hopefully) heard about Nigeria before. I mean, it’s impossible to talk about Africa but not about the biggest son! As we always mention, Africa is a fascinating continent with a lot of room to grow in tourism.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Niger

In this post, we’ll be talking about an unknown country called Niger. It usually gets confused by the English speaking country, Nigeria, BUT Niger is totally a different country and a different language!

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Mozambique

In this post, we’ll get to know an amazing African country called Mozambique with the most underrated beaches in the world.