Top 12 most developed cities in Africa

Because of the cliches, we do not automatically think of Africa as a highly-developed continent. But with recent developments in African countries, today, there are numerous advanced cities in Africa where technology is a normal part of people’s daily lives. African cities are catching up in the list of the fastest developing cities in theContinue reading “Top 12 most developed cities in Africa”

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Botswana

Are you planning to go on a safari in Botswana? Where is Botswana? Where is Botswana’s capital? Is Botswana a democracy? How are Botswana people like? Not all African stories are sad. There are great examples like Algeria or Angola and a magical country called Botswana! The transition in Botswana is like seeing a homelessContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Botswana”