The Ultimate Travel Guide to Cape Verde

Is Cape Verde in Africa? Is Cape Verde an Island country? Is Cape Verde a Sunny destination for Europeans? What language do people speak in Cape Verde? Is Cape Verde a part of Portugal? What is Cape Verde history?

Europeans are used to travel to the Canary islands during winters while North Americans go to Caribbeans but not a lot of people are aware of the African gem, Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde as some others prefer).

This Island country is made up of 10 islands that are sitting in a horseshoe shape.

These Islands are completely different from each other. 4 of them are desert-like while in the other ones you’ll find mountains and greener areas but the country’s most famous for its beaches and attractive people which we’ll discuss below in the People’s section.

Recent History of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)

Cape Verde was inhabitant until 1456 when discovered by Portugal. The population was made out of European people living there and the African slaves who worked there, they formed a society and became independent in 1975.

Their relationship is pretty friendly with Portugal and many of them still carry Portuguese passport.

People in Cape Verde

Most of the population is called Creole which is mixed Afro-Europeans. It made them unique and beautiful. It’s normal to see a dark skin blond or with blue/green eyes. Many people find this race pretty sexy.

They speak Portuguese and Creole as their native language and because of tourists, most of them could catch English, French and Italian.

What to do in Cape Verde

Beaches in Cape Verde

It’s always summer in Cape Verde. They seldom receive rain and the beaches are always thriving.

Just relax in the land of no stress!

But before going there, if you want them to smile even bigger at you, buy this tank-top with Cape Verde’s flag on it, you’ll catch a lot of eyes for sure! Click here or on the picture to buy it.

Buracona in Cape Verde

This small bay has made natural pools over time. It’s beautiful to visit the area and swim in those crystal pools.

Cape Verde Cuisine

This country has been the cross line of both Europeans and Africans which made their cuisine a mixture of West Africa and Portugal.

You’ll enjoy European style dishes with African spices and the opposite!

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