The Ultimate Travel Guide to Comoros

Is Comoros an Arab country? Is Comoros in Africa? What is the language of Comoros people? Is Comoros an Island country? Is Comoros a touristic country? What is the main religion in Comoros? Read the answers in the post below.

There are a lot of countries in the world that most of us have never heard about and although it’s not good for those countries economy, It’s a great news for adventurous travelers.

Comoros, an island country is made of three islands. It’s considered as an African country.

Recent history of Comoros

Comoros is (Probably) the only African island that was discovered by Africans who started living there and start a country. In recent history, it was colonized by France (Like most other African countries) but when it came to independence, one of the islands called Mayotte, voted against it and remained as a French territory while they formed a country.

After a few years, Anjouan, one of the three islands decided to join France, like their cousin, Mayotte which got rejected by the French government and eventually with UN’s help, they remained as a part of Comoros with more power over their island.

If you are interested to know more about Comoros’s history, we recommend you read Islands in a Cosmopolitan Sea: A History of the Comoros by clicking on the image below to see it on Amazon.

People in Comoros

Almost everyone in the islands identifies as Comorian, ethnically.

People are friendly and welcoming. All of them speak 3 languages of French, Arabic, and a their local language called Comoran.


After becoming a country, they struggled financially almost always and if it wasn’t for France’s aid and money, they were in a worse position by now. Most of them leave their country to work in other places like Mayotte (The island that’s still a French territory) because they have more jobs, free healthcare and free education.


What to do in Comoros

Comoros is cheap!

The flight to this country isn’t cheap because there aren’t many flights daily but if you get there, everything is cheap enough to make you say, “Wow!”.

The country is all yours

There’s a good chance that you find no other tourists there except yourself, cool, eh?

Anjouan - Islands of Comoros

Beaches in Comoros

The beaches are not as stunning as you might think but they’re still beautiful and not overcrowded at all. You’ll have the water and sands on one side and trees (mostly coconut) on the other side.

Moheli, The capital of Comoros

Their capital is small but still worthy for a day trip to see how locals live, plus, you get to eat a lot of fishes as it is their main ingredient.

Moroni harbour (2)

People also use Vanilla a lot as it grows in the country a lot.

Vanilla plantation in wood dsc00190Vanilla Plantation

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  1. I want to go there!! Are the flights from France any cheaper. I’m in France a lot and I lived there for 10 year but I didn’t hear anybody talk about Comoros. Love you photos. The beach looks amazing,

    1. It is quite interesting! Even though the flight ticket is somewhat pricey, the country itself is very affordable and people are very friendly!

      By the way, are you going to get on the road anytime soon? I gave up the idea of traveling until 2021. It’s probably kinda annoying with this virus!

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