Chile, The narrowest country in the world Explained

Is Chile a country? Is Chile an English speaking country? Why is Chile the narrowest country in the world? What is Chile map like? Where is Chile capital? Is Santiago in Chile? Is Chile a democracy? Is Chile a rich country? Read the post below to find out! Every country is unique in some ways,Continue reading “Chile, The narrowest country in the world Explained”

Paraguay – where White people speak Indigenous languages [Explained]

Latin American countries are too different to get categorized as only Spanish speaking or even worse, Mexican!! In this post, we’ll talk about another underrated Latin country called Paraguay.

Bolivia the Latin hidden gem with 2 Capitals, Explained Briefly

In this post we’ll discuss Bolivia salt flats, Bolivia two capitals, their language and Bolivia’s tourism. When the topic is South America, we usually think of Brazil (And if educated enough) Chile and Argentina! Yet, there’s this country, known as “Heart of South America” so-called Bolivia, waiting to be seen by travelers! Let’s get familiarContinue reading “Bolivia the Latin hidden gem with 2 Capitals, Explained Briefly”

Guyana – an Indian nation in South America

Unlike the cliches in our minds, Our world is full of diversity! Not everyone knows there’s a Portuguese speaking country in Asia, or that there’s a country that banned TV and Internet until recently, but not because of censorship, only to preserve its traditions! Or that a witchcraft religion is an official language in an African country!