Guyana – an Indian nation in South America

Is Guyana an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Guyana? Where is Guyana’s capital? What is the tourism in Guyana like? Where is Guyana on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Guyana? Where is Gabon? Is Guyana a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Guyana? What to do in Guyana? What is the history of Guyana?


Unlike the cliches in our minds, Our world is full of diversity! Not everyone knows there’s a Portuguese speaking country in Asia, or that there’s a country that banned TV and Internet until recently, but not because of censorship, only to preserve its traditions! Or that a witchcraft religion is an official language in an African country!

Today, we’ll get to know a South American country that’s not a typical Argentina!

Let’s start by its history, shall we?

Recent History of Guyana

Guyana was getting controlled by Dutch before the UK took over. Until then, mostly Amerindians (Indigenous people) were living in Guyana, but Britain brought a lot of workers from Indian as well as a few from Africa who changed the country’s demography dramatically.

Guyana remained a British colony until declaring independence on 26 May 1966. Britain and the US helped them to form a successful democratic government.

Guyana’s western neighbor, Venezuela has claimed some parts of Guyana as theirs which is still not solved, and the main reason behind it is that one of these parts has oil which would make more than $70 Billion in total revenue.

People in Guyana

Guyana has unique demographics compared to its neighbors like Venezuela or Brazil.
As mentioned above, about half of the population is Indian (Mostly from northern India) as well as African descendants who were brought to the region by the UK. The rest are Amerindians (Indigenous people), white, and even Chinese.
Guyana is the only country in both North and South America that recognizes Hinduism as an official religion since it is the religion of many Indians in the country. They kept their religion, but not the language.
Everyone in Guyana speaks English. Some of them also speak Hindi, Creole, Portuguese, and Dutch!

What to do in Guyana

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

Kaieteur Falls is the largest single-drop waterfall in the world by the volume of water flowing over it. It is four times higher than Niagara falls in Canada and the US.

This 226 metres (741 ft) high waterfall would leave you stunned!

Stabroek Market in Guyana

Stabroek Market is Guyana’s busiest place where tons and tons of people are busy selling and buying. If you want to get to know the culture, walk there for an hour!


Demerara Harbour Bridge in Guyana

This 1.25 miles (2.01 km) long bridge connects Georgetown (The capital) to the nearby cities. The bridge has a pedestrian foot walk that makes it ideal for a nice workout during vacation!

Credits: thingsguyana

Mount Roraima in Guyana

Mount Roraima is a weirdly shaped mountain, that is located where Guyana meets both Venezuela and Brazil. This mountain is Guyana’s tallest mountain while both Venezuela and Brazil have taller ones in other parts of their countries.

Roraima3 (79)

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  1. Lovely Guyana.
    I am Church Minister from African and I always see myself wanting to visit Guyana. I wanna see the beauty of this combination of Indians and Africans. I will make a trip after COVID-19 if I get a Church contact in George Town

  2. I’m from Guyana. It’s always a pleasure to see my country featured in an article or on television. I left it in the early ’80s and haven’t been back since. I will always have fond memories of my life in Georgetown.

  3. I still have to visit Guyana. It’s where my family is from before moving to Canada. Every trip had to be cancelled due to something happening (this year is was Covid19). Hopefully soon I will be able to visit!

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