Top 10 safest cities in Africa to visit

Africa is an amazing continent with countless attractions and stunning unique culture on each corner. But similar to anywhere else in the world, Africa has safe and dangerous places! As no one likes to fall into trouble, we don’t recommend you to visit the most dangerous cities in Africa, while the safest African cities are totally worth to pack your bag right now and go! Before you go thou, read this post as we’ll introduce the top 10 safest cities in Africa to visit.

Please note that even though the following are the safest cities in Africa, you should still use your common sense when it comes to staying safe.


Kigali, Rwanda

Only a few decades ago, Rwandans were witnesses of one of the worst genocides in the history of Africa, Rwanda’s genocide. But look at this country and its capital, Kigali now, I bet you’re not going to believe me, as right now Kigali is the safest city in the continent of Africa! And it doesn’t end there! Kigali is also the cleanest city in Africa where you can walk for hours and not be able to find one piece of trash!

Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is one of the most visited cities in Morocco, sitting beside the Strait of Gibraltar. This city has stunning beaches, welcoming people, and one of the safest cities in Africa. Tangier is only a few minutes away from Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in Africa, and only a short boat ride away from Gibraltar, a British territory in Spain!

Morocco is an amazing country to visit in general. If you need more motivation read our post Top 9 reasons to visit Morocco right now.

Victoria, Seychelles

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Victoria is the capital of Seychelles, a stunning island country that’s technically a part of Africa. This city is small, peaceful, and very safe for both visiting and living. Many travelers who’d been there, say that Seychelles has the most beautiful beaches in Africa and the world!


Gaborone, Botswana

Gaborone is the capital of Botswanathe most democratic and politically stable country in Africa. This city is a great idol for other African cities in cleanliness, being rich without oil, and being a safe place for anyone willing to become successful!

Visiting Gaborone is an amazing experience to see what an African success story looks like!

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is among the safest cities in Africa to visit and even for living. This city has large green parks, beautiful buildings, and peaceful people who are very passionate about making their city as good as possible by using green energy more often and limit the use of fossil fuels. Smart, right?

Windhoek, Namibia

Africa’s only Deutsch speaking city is also one of the safest cities in Africa. Windhoek is a cute city with kind people who are willing to help you with a big smile. So, enjoy those German sausages and beers while having peace of mind that you’re surfing in one of the safest places in Africa.


The garden route, South Africa

The garden route is the road between beautiful Cape Town and gorgeous Port Elizabeth. This route has a few towns which are the safest towns you can find in South Africa. So, ride along with one of the most beautiful routes in the world, being rest assured that no harm is threatening you!

You’ll get surprised at how spectacular the views are along the way from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth!

Lusaka, Zambia

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Zambia’s capital is one of the safest cities you can visit in Africa. Lusaka, being the most populated city in Zambia is the right place if you like to discover Zambia’s culture and to see an African city’s development, Zambian style!

Port Louis, Mauritius

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Port Louis is the capital of the island country of Mauritius. This city is as stunning as it gets. With countless historical and natural attractions to visit, Port Louis is an amazing destination to explore, being sure that you’re in a safe place! Worry less about safety and focus more on enjoying your Mauritian adventure.


Constantine, Algeria

Algeria’s third-largest city has deep roots in history, all the way back to the Roman empire’s era! Even though this city is home to about 500,000 people, you can easily walk around and visit all of the historical places on foot, and knowing that Constantine is one of the safest cities in Algeria and Africa, makes it easier to be on your foot all day long and adore what this North African city has to offer!

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