Top 10 Reasons to Visit Saudi Arabia

Not a lot of people think of travelling to Saudi Arabia for holidays because it is categorized as a country for Muslims only. But that’s not the case anymore, as the government in Saudi Arabia has started opening its doors to the world. Even though Saudi Arabia is a Muslims’ haven, a lot of countries are now able to get eVisa for Saudi Arabia or Visa on arrival[ upon arrival in one of Saudi’s international airports (Check the requirements based on your passport) Do yourself a favour and add Saudi Arabia to your bucket list, but read this post first, as in this post we’ll talk about the top 10 reasons to visit Saudi Arabia.


1- Experience a different world

Saudi Women-reasons to visit Saudi Arabia

It’s nice to travel overseas but still be around familiar cultures and rules. But the real adventure is when you visit those countries that are totally different from what you describe as the norm. How about eating in a McDonald’s where families and non-family people have different sections? Or seeing almost every business getting closed around noon when it’s time to pray? The situation is however changing with the citizens getting more personal freedom. So, hurry up before the country looks too western! Their unique culture is for sure one of the best reasons to visit Saudi Arabia.

2- Original Arabian cuisine

Saudi Cuisine-Arabic Cuisine-reasons to visit Saudi Arabia

Travel is one of the main perks of travelling to new places. Arab cuisine offers some of the most delicious dishes in the world, especially if you’re a meat-lover. That huge Kabsa dish can’t go wrong, right? You can then wash it off with some Dates Mohalla. Saudi food would blow your mind away and it is definitely one of the best reasons to visit Saudi Arabia.

3- Road Trips

highway Saudi Arabia-reasons to visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a very affordable gas price (around 0.62 USD/Liter) and the roads are absolutely perfect in the entire country. Saudi is also not short on amazing cars that are very cheap to rent. You can easily have one of the best road trips of your life in beautiful Saudi Arabia. If an unforgettable road trip in Saudi Arabia is not one of the best reasons to visit Saudi Arabia, we do not know what is!

4- The diversity

Diversity in Saudi Arabia-reasons to visit Saudi Arabia

More than 30% of Saudi Arabia’s population is made up of non-citizens who are either working or studying there. You will meet people from around the globe, from Thailand and the Philippines to the US and Canada. Visiting Saudi is kind of like visiting the world at the same time! From your taxi driver, hotel concierge, shopkeeper to (heavens forbid) doctor, all could be from different nations.


5- Saudi Arabia is extremely safe

Anywhere you travel to, in Saudi Arabia, you’d feel extremely safe. There are almost no major crimes and petty theft happens very rarely (They have a huge punishment if someone commits theft). Then rest assured that you’re in one of the safest countries in the world and enjoy your Saudi journey (No matter where you travel, you should always use your common sense and be aware of the surrounding). Being one of the safest nations on earth is one of the best reasons to visit Saudi Arabia.

6- Scuba Diving

Scuba diving Saudi Arabia-reasons to visit Saudi Arabia
Credits: myscubadivinggearguide

Saudi Arabia has the most beautiful beaches on the red sea and a lot of the beaches are still untouched. Since the water is very clean, you can easily spot sharks, barracudas, rays, turtles, morays, and a plethora of colorful reef fish. Dolphins are also a common encounter when sailing. Currently, Saudi’s government is heavily investing in this section. It’s not unexpected to see Saudi Arabia becoming a popular destination for Scuba diving, in only a few years. Scuba diving, re

7- Saudi Arabia is not flooded with tourists (for now)

How cool is it to visit a country where you don’t have to share the historic places with tons of other tourists? There are currently not a lot of non-Muslim tourists in Saudi Arabia, but with the changes that are rapidly changing the country in positive ways, it is expected for Saudi Arabia to become a hot spot in the Middle East in just a few years. Then take advantage of the current situation while you can!


8- It gives a rare glimpse into pre-Islamic Arabia

Credits: Wikipedia

Saudi has a rich uncovered history during the pre-Islamic era. There are countless cool places to visit if you’re interested in Saudi Arabia before Islam, like the Al-Magar site in the south, estimated to be around 9,000 years old; an 85,000-year-old human footprint; and the eyebrow-raising Phironic inscription of Ramses III found in the north.

9- Mada’in Saleh (Hegra)

9- Mada’in Saleh (Hegra)-reasons to visit Saudi Arabia
Credits: Wikipedia

Being on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008, Mada’in Saleh is a great place to witness civilization in Saudi Arabia before Islam. Mada’in Saleh is basically something like Petra in Jordan, with almost no other tourists around, but you!


10- Saudi Modern and Traditional Cities

Saudi Arabia is not all about Mecca and Medina. Each Saudi city has a unique culture and structure. This country has cities that are modern and cities that are as traditional as it gets. For example, Riyadh, the capital is one of the most developed cities in the Middle East, or in Jeddah, the Jeddah Tower is planned to be the world’s first 1 km (3,281 ft) high building, and the centrepiece and the first phase of a development and tourist attraction known as Jeddah Economic City.

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  1. I had a non Muslim friend of mine in primary school move to Saudi when I was about 10, always been interested in visiting since! Also Arabic hospitality is quality 🙌🏻

    1. That’s probably because your friend’s parent(s) got a job at one of the international companies in Saudi. And those companies pay really well, and mostly give people free accommodation as well.
      Are you still in contact with your friend?

      1. I’m pretty sure his dad got a job at one of those international companies, was some fancy job as he was pretty well off! Unfortunately not, we used to speak a little bit a few years ago but lost contact again

  2. Two of my friends wanted to go there back when they were engaged, but they weren’t allowed to visit because they weren’t married yet. Additionally, I know if I travelled there, I would have to lose my US accent. Thanks for an interesting post! I will consider visiting there in the future!

    1. Yes, they can travel there, but can’t be in the same hotel room unless they ‘re married.
      It’s an amazing country. It would open your eyes to a whole new world you didn’t even know would exist.
      Thank you for your comment!

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