10 North American Cities with European style

Modern North America as we know it today was initially founded by Europeans. They resettled in the Americas from Canada to the bottom of Chile and eventually, each country started developing its own identity, but their European background is still clearly visible in some cities throughout North America. Some people like to travel to EuropeanContinue reading “10 North American Cities with European style”

10 Oldest Cities to visit in North America

North America is made up of 23 countries and 16 territories. This continent has a population of about 600 million people. North America is the latest continent in the world that was found and inhabited on a large scale and for this reason, many people believe that everything related to this continent must be soContinue reading “10 Oldest Cities to visit in North America”

The Most Affordable Places To Live In Canada

Canada is constantly one of the best countries to live in because of its great education, healthcare, and governing system. Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary are always among the top 20 livable cities in the world for their high quality living standards, but all of these fabulous things come at aContinue reading “The Most Affordable Places To Live In Canada”

United States and Russia are only 4 Km (2.4 Miles) away

We as humans, draw borders to separate ourselves against the outside world and rather to only allow those who are like us or have no harms against our country to pass the border. In some cases thou, the lines we drew are so funny and sometimes even make no sense at all! Like the Netherlands-BelgiumContinue reading “United States and Russia are only 4 Km (2.4 Miles) away”

10 Reasons why you should travel to Puerto Rico

there’s a very beautiful US territory in the Caribbeans which many travelers and locals refer to as “The Paradise”, Puerto Rico!
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10 Most Religious States in America

The US states are different in many ways and each state has its unique identity and culture. The United States is known as the symbol of freedom by many around the world where people are allowed to have any kind of beliefs as long as they don’t hurt others and keep their thoughts to themselves!Continue reading “10 Most Religious States in America”

5 BEST WEATHER cities in the world – always spring

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10 Best countries for a comfortable cheap retirement

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5 Surprising things you can only find in Canada

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10 things you’ll only find in America

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