Top 10 national parks in Canada

Canada is blessed with the most beautiful nature one could find on the earth. This country is full of stunning jungles, rivers, lakes, and fascinating coastal scenery. In fact, Canada was the first country in the world to establish a national park service, so it would be reasonable to say Canadians know how to appreciateContinue reading “Top 10 national parks in Canada”

The Most Affordable Places To Live In Canada

Canada is constantly one of the best countries to live in because of its great education, healthcare, and governing system. Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary are always among the top 20 livable cities in the world for their high quality living standards, but all of these fabulous things come at aContinue reading “The Most Affordable Places To Live In Canada”

5 Surprising things you can only find in Canada

There are some unique things that can only be found in Canada. If you’ve never been to Canada, don’t worry! We’ll tell you about some of the special surprising things that are unique to Canada!

5 EASIEST countries to become a citizen now

we will introduce to 5 countries that offer easy citizenship to foreigners.

Why you should visit Windsor Ontario now

Windsor is a small city in Ontario, Canada which is right beside Detroit, MN, US. In this post, You’ll learn about Windsor’s weather, population, and its’ map! In fact, you’ll get to know Windsor ON, better than the local Canadians do! If you stand on Detroit’s side, the picture above is your skyline of Windsor.Continue reading “Why you should visit Windsor Ontario now”

Why Point Roberts WA should be in your bucket list

Learn about Point Roberts WA history, its existence’s reason, how to have fun there and the weather!

U.S. or Canada: Which one Is Better to Call Home?

USA or Canada, which one is better in 2021? USA or Canada, which one is better for immigration in 2021? Which one is better to study? USA or Canada, which one is better for a living in 2021? Which one is better in healthcare in 2021? USA and Canada are popular destinations both for students, expats, andContinue reading “U.S. or Canada: Which one Is Better to Call Home?”