The world’s most visited countries in 2021

The World Tourism Organization reported that the international tourism has had a 4% growth in 2019 compared to 2018, and even though in 2020, we’ve experienced such a thing like Covid-19 that was unique and found its way on every corner of the world, the numbers in international tourism are predicted to be at least equal toContinue reading “The world’s most visited countries in 2021”

Top 15 Wine producing Regions in The World

Wine is one of the few drinks we share with our ancestors. The history of wine-producing as we know it today goes back to 8000-10000 B.C. when humans started settling, starting farms, and eventually transforming the way they drank alcoholic fruit juices. The major wine-producing regions have never changed throughout the wine history, however, recentlyContinue reading “Top 15 Wine producing Regions in The World”

Where the world wants to travel in 2021 – According to Google

Even though a lot of countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas are re-opening their doors to international tourists after travel-ban related to the Covid-19 borders shut down, it seems like the world is getting ready to plan for traveling in 2021 which is not surprising that much. The traveling company, Kuoni has analyzed the google searchingContinue reading “Where the world wants to travel in 2021 – According to Google”

Top 5 most spoken language in the world right now

Language is probably one of the most fascinating inventions throughout the history of mankind! It is mind-blowing thinking about how many languages are out there being spoken and how each one of them is unique while being similar to some other ones. Around 60 to 75 percent of people in the world speak more thanContinue reading “Top 5 most spoken language in the world right now”

14 tips for having the best solo traveling experience

we’ll check each aspect of solo traveling, like what to pack when you’re traveling alone, where to stay while you are traveling alone, and where to go while you’re traveling on your own!

5 BEST WEATHER cities in the world – always spring

There is a higher chance of you living your life to its fullest, if the climate isn’t too hot or too cold.
In this post, we’ll introduce you to 5 cities in the world where spring never ends!

5 Surprising things you can only find in Canada

There are some unique things that can only be found in Canada. If you’ve never been to Canada, don’t worry! We’ll tell you about some of the special surprising things that are unique to Canada!