Top 5 most spoken language in the world right now

Language is probably one of the most fascinating inventions throughout the history of mankind! It is mind-blowing thinking about how many languages are out there being spoken and how each one of them is unique while being similar to some other ones.

Around 60 to 75 percent of people in the world speak more than one language and with the free online language learning sources, this number is only growing. Learning a new language would open a world of opportunities and wonders to the learner such as getting familiar with another culture first hand, being able to work in such fields where knowing another language is beneficial and the list just goes on and on!

In this post, we’ll be talking about 5 most spoken languages in the world, right now.

1- Chinese — 1.3 Billion Native Speakers

1 in every 6 people in the world speaks Chinese and the number is just growing by the day. Chinese has a lot of local dialects that can even be identified as a unique language. China has one of the most powerful economies in the world, and with ethnic Chinese people living all over the world, this language would open a lot of doors to whoever speaks it.

2- Spanish — 460 Million Native Speakers

Spanish is the language of dance and happiness, being spoken by most of the people in South America as well as a lot of others in North and Central America and of course Spain in Europe where it all started.

3- English — 379 Million Native Speakers

English is the official language of 54 countries in the world and it’s being spoken by about 1 billion people in the world. Knowing English means having the freedom to roam around every corner in the world, knowing that at least one person will be able to talk to you!

4- Hindi — 341 Million Native Speakers

Hindi is the official language in India, alongside English. This language is also very similar to Urdu (spoken in Pakistan) and Punjabi (in Punjab of India and Pakistan). Knowing Hindi means you’d have access to Bollywood first hand and come in handy when finding a new job in the areas with a large Indian population.

5- Arabic — 315 Million Native Speakers

Arabic is the official language of 26 countries in the Middle East and Africa. Similar to Chinese, Arabic has too many different dialects that can be known as a different language, while they all are able to easily communicate with each other.

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  1. The thing is a lot of foreigners speak better English than native speakers, and I just love seeing that! In My Fair Lady, there’s the line, “Her English is too good” he said, “That clearly indicates that she is foreign!” That is so true to life!

  2. I need to brush up on my Español….for a woman of Latin decent it’s sad😔 I can understand much more than I can give back. Languages are so cool. I adore accents as well, so endearing.

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