12 Reasons to visit Montenegro this year

The Balkans region is the most beautiful place on earth, according to a lot of experienced travelers. This region is blessed with spectacular nature that leaves every viewer speechless. AlbaniaBosnia and HerzegovinaBulgariaKosovoNorth Macedonia, and Montenegro are 100% located within the Balkans region. Although they’re similar in some ways, each one of them has its own uniqueness.

Montenegro, the smallest nation in the Balkans is one of the most interesting places on earth to visit for many reasons. But in this post, we’ll talk about the 12 main reasons why you should visit Montenegro at least once in your lifetime.


1- The Stunning Nature

If you ask anyone in the region about the most beautiful nature in the Balkans, they all would name their home country, but if you insist on their honest opinion, each person would definitely say Montenegro. Although Montenegro is a small nation, it has an outstanding nature consisting of mountains, lakes and rivers, jungles, and beaches. You’d never run out of options for your next exciting adventure in Montenegro.

2- The Beaches

Many experts believe that Montenegro has the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Montenegro is becoming a favorite for beach-seeking travelers, with a total of 117 beaches over almost 300 km long coast. From pebbles and docks in the Bay of Kotor, through sandy, crowded beaches in Bar and Budva to long, ocean-like beaches in Ulcinj, you will love the sight of the crystal clear, turquoise water mixing with the sand.

With more than 240 sunny days each year, gotta love those warm and bright Montenegrin beaches.

3- Montenegrin People

There’s this stereotype among people in the Balkans that Montenegrin people are the laziest people in the world. Similar to millions of other stereotypes, this one is not true too! But it’s funny to mention that Montenegro hosts an “Olympic of Laziness” each year where the contestants should lay down and simply do nothing. The person who ends up remaining in the “Chilling mode” the longest would win the contest!

In general, Montenegrin people are nice, easygoing, never in a rush.


4- Nightlife

The Balkan countries are famous for their active nightlife, and Montenegro is no exception. No matter where you are in Montenegro, you’ll find a few open-air clubs, bars, cafes, pubs with live music, and discos to experience the Montenegrin-style nightlife firsthand.

5- Montenegrin Cuisine

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Montenegrin cuisine is a result of Montenegro’s geographic position and its long history and tradition. It is influenced by Turkish, Central European, and Hungarian cuisine. The most important material in Montenegrin cuisine is meat, like “Njegusi Proscuitto” (Whole pig hind legs packed in salt for three weeks, followed by 4 months of smoking), and “Njeguski Steak” (made of a veal or pork schnitzel filled with Njegusi prosciutto and cheese).

6- Affordable

Even though Montenegro’s official currency is Euro, the country is very affordable in general, making it one of the most affordable countries in the whole Europe, making it ideal for retirement, or a backpacking-style vacation. Even if you’re looking for luxury hotels in Montenegro, you can find them for a fraction of the price compared to similar countries like Croatia.


7- Hiking

When visiting Montenegro, don’t forget to pack your hiking equipment because 80% of the country is covered in mountains. There are approximately around 60 hiking tracks in Montenegro, but be careful if you’re traveling alone as there are many undiscovered and dangerous paths and trails.

8- Ski Resorts

Who would’ve thought of Montenegro as a Skiing destination? If you’re tired of overpriced ski resorts across Europe, take a close look at the ski resorts in the mountainous northern regions of Zabljak or Kolasin. There’s no better way for having winter fun than skiing, hiking, and snowboarding down the slopes of Zabljak or the Durmitor Mountain – the highest point of the Dinaric Alps!

9- Music Festivals

In the past few years, summer music festivals are gaining more popularity among teenagers and young adults around the world and Montenegro is no exception. One of the biggest music festivals is the Sea Dance Festival which attracts over 80.000 visitors for a 3-day music paradise at the beach.


10- Montenegrin Cities

Although Montenegro is a small country, it has charming cities that are totally worth visiting. The capital city, Podgorica, or Budva, a coastal city known as “Miami of Montenegro”, or The beautiful Bay of Kotor, known for its remarkable historic sites are only a few to mention.

11- Not Overwhelmed With Tourists

Unlike Croatia (especially Dubrovnik), Montenegro is not flooded with tourists for now which protects the charm of its cities and towns and makes you feel like you’re exploring an original place, not somewhere that’s based on making money from mass tourism.


12- Being A Small Country

Since Montenegro is relatively a small country, you can visit a lot of places around the country in a considerably short time compared to larger countries that is an advantage for the curious nature of us humans. Simply rent a car in Montenegro and start exploring the uniqueness it has to offer!

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