The Ultimate Travel Guide to Djibouti

Is Djibouti an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Djibouti? Where is Djibouti’s capital? What is the tourism in Djibouti like? What does Djibouti look like on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Djibouti? Where is Djibouti? Is Djibouti a country or a city? Is Djibouti an Arab country? What is the religion of the population in Djibouti? What to do in Djibouti?

In the continent of instability, there are a few countries that are trying their best to be different like Algeria, Angola, Botswana, and Cape Verde. Today we are going to add a tiny nation to this spectacular list, Djibouti!

You probably never heard of this country before. It’s a stable and neutral country, in a strategic location.

Well, since barely anyone knows about Djibouti, I can tell you whatever I want! lol!

Did you know that in Djibouti, they have dinosaur pets and give them a cow as treat each time they follow the “Sit” order from their owners?

Let’s see what this country is up to!

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Recent History of Djibouti

In recent history, Djibouti was colonized by France until 1977! Not kidding, France kept them until then! I guess they just loved their colonies too much to let them go into the wilderness!

After that, the country tried to move forward and stay neutral in their neighbors’ conflicts! That region is one of the most dangerous, yet most strategic as Bab al-Mandab Strait is there where tons of goods ships pass from daily!

Djibouti is not even close to perfect in many ways but they’re doing a great job since it’s not fun to be neighbor of Eritrea, Somalia, and Somalia and be as safe to host military bases from the world powers such as USA (Djibouti is the only African country that the US has a military base in), Japan, France and recently China.

You may ask why Djibouti allows the big guys occupy its land, they have a very good reason, Rent!

These bases are like flats in an apartment that belongs to a broke landlord who was lucky enough because the housing prices just rocketed up in his area! Djibouti’s economy makes about $1.5 billion a year and for example, the US pays them $70 million and China pays about $100 million which is pretty cool and effective in such a small economy!

People in Djibouti

Most people identify as Djiboutian while there’s a minority of Somalians living near the border.

Most people speak French and Arabic fluently while they have an understanding of English.

Most of them are Muslim with a minority of Christians. The government tolerates other religions but prefers Islam!

Since there are a few military bases in the country, those who work there play an important role in Djibouti’s demography because the population isn’t even 1 Million yet!

What to do in Djibouti

Djibouti looks like undeveloped dusty France! They are heavily influenced by French culture. So, expect to see a lot of baguettes, cheese, wine, and Nutella everywhere as well as French street names!

Lac ‘Assal (Salt lake) in Djibouti

This salty lake in Djibouti is the world’s third-lowest point on land as well as Africa’s lowest point on land.

Moucha Island in Djibouti

This remote island belongs to Djibouti. The beach is adorable with blue water and white sands.

There’s almost nothing in it. It’s 45 min boat ride from the capital, Djibouti (The country was named after the capital). If you are going to visit it there, take some food and an umbrella with you and don’t leave your food unattended. There’s a good chance that crows steal it!

Moucha Island

Day forest national park in Djibouti

Well, It’s not as green as its name but in such a dry land, this beautiful place is worthy to visit.

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