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5 Surprising things you can only find in Canada


Canada is the second-largest country in the world after Russia. This beautiful country offers high standard living and a welcoming diverse community in most big cities.

There are some unique things that can only be found in Canada. If you’ve never been to Canada, don’t worry! We’ll tell you about some of the special surprising things that are unique to Canada!

1- Bagged milk

It’s not uncommon to see Bagged milk in some countries but in North America, the idea of having milk in a bag is something most people never heard of!

Bagged milk is very common in Eastern Canada, especially Ontario (a Canadian province).

2- Ketchup Chips

Some countries aren’t alien to Ketchup flavor chips but in North America, it is as weird as it gets, but not in Canada!

3- Maple syrup

Maple syrup is pancake’s best friend and could be found in most places on earth but the original maple syrup comes from Canada, and it’s only in Canada where you can find the original maple syrup.

4- Poutine

Poutine is Canda’s biggest secret! This outstanding dish consists of french fries, topped up with cheese curds and brown gravy! Tourists who come to Canada get addicted to Poutine after eating it for the first time in Canada.

5- Canadian money

Canadian money is very colorful and beautiful. Plus, it doesn’t get wet as it is made of plastic (synthetic polymer).

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