Top 12 Reasons why you should visit Taiwan

Taiwan is known as an exporter of goods like computer components, but not a lot of people see this spectacular island country as a travel destination in Asia. However, Taiwan has whatever a traveler would need, good food, beautiful scenery, and kind people. In this post, we’ll be talking about the top 12 reasons why you should visit Taiwan.

1- Breathtaking Scenery

When Portuguese sailors first saw Taiwan in the 1500s, they dubbed it “Ilha Formosa” which means the beautiful island. Taiwan is super green. No matter where you are, a beautiful tropical forest is only minutes away. The capital is also surrounded by mountains that are ideal for hiking. As this country is a big island, you’d find beaches everywhere as well.

2- Taiwanese People

Taiwanese people are awesome. In major cities, most people speak English perfectly but are too shy to talk in English. You should be patient and encouraging. But regardless of where you are, they are always ready to help, even if you can’t communicate with them at all.

3- Taiwanese Cuisine

Although Taiwanese cuisine has some similarities with Chinese cuisine, it’s too different to get categorized as Chinese. Taiwanese cuisine is flavorful and very affordable if you rely on street food. “Mango shaved Ice”, “Stinky Tofu”, “Beef Noodle”, and “Braised pork rice” are only a few to mention.

4- Hot Springs

Beitou Thermal Valley warning sign 20050814

Being located on top of the geologically unstable “ring of fire” is the reason why there are many hot springs in Taiwan (not all terms are as scary as they sound). Similar to Iceland, people in Taiwan have this culture of gathering in hot springs and chat with their friends after a long day. You don’t even have to leave Taipei to relax in an amazing hot spring. a quick hike from Taipei’s Xin Beitou metro stop will get you to the hotels and resorts that offer piped-in sulfur hot springs, said to be the all-around healthiest for the skin. There is also an excellent public hot spring. 

But if you’re willing to put more effort, the east-coast town of Jiaoshi which is only two hours (by bus or train) away from Taipei, is where Taiwanese hot springs lovers “go-to” when they crave a relaxing time.

5- Night Markets

Night markets are probably the top thing to do when in Taiwan. These markets are held in all cities, towns, and villages throughout Taiwan and offer very affordable tasty food. If you’d like to get more familiar with the locals’ culture in Taiwan, you should consider visiting the night markets for sure.

6- Hiking Heaven

two-thirds of Taiwan is covered by mountains that make Taiwan one of the best countries in Asia for hiking-lovers. Whether you’re an amateur hiker or an experienced one, Taiwan got you covered with mountains like Jade mountain (Yushan 3,952 m) or Snow mountain (Xueshan 3,886 m) for the hardcore hikers and Hehuanshan (3,422) within Taroko National Park for the beginners.

7- Taipei 101

Taipei 101 was the world’s tallest tower, right before the completion of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. But after a lot of skyline modernization in Middle Eastern countries and China, Taipei 101 is now the 11th-tallest building in the world. There are a lot of shopping malls and restaurants inside this fascinating tower to enjoy. The view from the top terrace of Taipei 101 is breathtaking.

8- The Beaches

Since Taiwan is an island country, there are countless beaches and beach-side resorts in Taiwan to enjoy. They offer some of East Asia’s best surfing and windsurfing spots. the southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting, is famous for its sandy beaches.

9- The Aboriginal Culture

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The first inhabitants of Taiwan weren’t Chinese people, they were aboriginal people who resided there for hundreds of years. Now, there are 16 recognized aboriginal tribes in Taiwan but they only count for 500,000 of Taiwan’s 24 million citizens. The Taiwanese aboriginal people’s culture is fascinating and if you’re interested, the Sun Moon Lake area is the place to go as the oldest tribes resided there historically.

10- The Festivals

When it comes to festivals, Taiwan is one of the “Go-To” countries in Asia because of its numerous interesting festivals throughout the year. Chinese New Year, The Lantern Festival, Yenshui Fireworks Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and, Zhongyuan Festival are only a few to name. You’d never get bored in Taiwan!

11- Afternoon Tea

“The Afternoon Tea” is an amazing culture in Taiwan that gathers people in the late evenings to eat delicious snacks and drink tea while socializing and getting forgetting their stresses. If you like to get deep into the Taiwanese people’s culture, make sure you push yourself into one of the local Taiwanese afternoon tea gatherings!

12- Museums

Mao kung Ting

Are you a fan of history and museums? Taiwan still got you covered. There are a lot of precious items, from paintings and scrolls to ancient porcelain and statues. The most famous museum is the National Palace Museum in Taipei, which houses a sizable chunk of China’s artistic heritage.

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  1. Before I came to USA, I lived in a city 300 km from Taiwan by the ocean. I can understand some of Taiwanese dialect. Visiting Taiwan is on my top list. Yes, the people in Taiwan are very very nice.

  2. Taiwan was never on my radar, but when I visited via the cruise ship I was working on, I was blown away! Such an incredible country!

      1. I’m actually getting more content lately so I’m just focusing on blogging my story and seeing what comes of it. I’ll probably get focused once I get settled, but we’ll see 🤷‍♀️

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