Top 15 reasons to visit Oman this year

Oman is a very peaceful country in the beautiful Middle East region. This country is a hidden Middle Eastern gem that has a lot to offer, from wildlife experiences to a rich culture and history.

If you didn’t even know that Oman is a country, or if you’re planning to visit Oman soon, keep reading, as in this post, we’ll talk about the top 15 reasons why you should visit Oman this year, or add it to your bucket list.


Budget or Luxury Friendly

Whether you’re a budget traveler or play it luxury in your trips, Oman got you covered. There’s no shortage of Five-star hotels in Oman, and at the same time, there are a lot of budget-friendly accommodations in Oman to choose from. Then book your ticket to Oman, regardless of the budget!

Omani Cuisine


Omani cuisine is of course Middle Eastern with inspiration from Indian cuisine. If you’re a meat-lover, try Shuwa (slow-cooked lamb or goat over aromatic spiced rice) or Mandrouba (chicken rice). And if you’re vegetarian, Shurba (Omani vegetable soup) would be your friend for a few days.

You shouldn’t miss amazing Omani coffee, Kahwa with their mouthwatering deserts like Halwa and Luqaimat.

Gateway for winter sun

Being only 7.5 hours away from London, Oman is the perfect gateway as a winter sun destination. Oman is blessed with mild winters and a beautiful long coastline that’s perfect if you have a long weekend or the whole week.


Family-Friendly Destination

Oman is one of the safest most stable countries in the Middle East. Offering a variety of activities such as snorkeling and camel rides, Oman is the perfect family-friendly destination if you’re looking for a slightly different family vacation for Christmas or literally any time of the year.

Traditional Celebrations

Whether it’s the country’s Renaissance Day on the 23rd of July or the former’s Sultan’s birthday on the 18th of November, Omani’s celebrations are a mixture of traditional costumes, food, and well-planned dances.

The Smell Of Frankincense

Frankincense is a precious Omani gift or souvenir. Even the Sultans of Oman gave decorated Frankincense as a gift to Royal families of Egypt, Great Britain, and the Kings of Rome throughout history.

Β Frankincense has a great scent and is believed that it has healed some diseases in the past due to its purifying powers.


Oman is one of the cleanest countries in the world

Omani roads and walkways are all clean. You can barely find garbage in Oman for two main reasons. One is that the cleaners know their job and the other one is because Omanis love their country to death and simply don’t litter!

Natural Beauty

There’s a belief that Oman (and the Middle East in general) is a big desert! Although Oman is home to beautiful deserts, this country is also home to a lot of mountains, green places, and natural pools. You can’t find a view like the one you have above any Omani mountain.

Omani People

Even though Oman has a lot of reasons to fall in love with, people are the main treasure of this country. They are very friendly, always have a big smile on their face, and are ready to help. Just try to be nice and you’ll get invited to Omani weddings, people’s homes over dinner, or a free tea!


The Road condition

Roads in Oman are very well constructed and maintained. You’d barely find a loophole on the streets, regardless of being in the middle of a city or the middle of nowhere!

Off-Road Driving

Don’t forget to either book an Off-Road tour in Oman or rent a car (and possibly a guide) and have your own tour. The higher you go in the mountains, the better scenery you get. Some stunning villages are only accessible by these kinds of roads (You’d experience the real Omani culture in those villages)

Oman’s Historic Forts And Castles

If you’re a history lover, Oman still got you covered. With countless historic forts and castles around the country, you’re in for a real treat!


Oman’s Beaches

Starting from the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea, with a coastline length of 3,165 km (1,967 mi), there are a lot of breathtaking beaches in Oman, from the crowded ones to the ones in the middle of nowhere that would be your private beach! (Cool, eh?)

Wadi Pools

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a dreamlike Oasis? You can find a lot of natural ones in Oman. The Omani Wadi pools are naturally filled with crystal clear water while some have a greenish background and some got blue ones. Chances are that you’d be the only person visiting the wadi pool, then enjoy!


Wild Camping

You are allowed to camp anywhere your heart desires in Oman as long as you don’t camp near villages or in wadi beds (risk of flash floods). Then take your tent and choose the view you’d like to see in the morning!

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  3. I saw what you did there with the 7.5 hours away from London! Lol. That’s interesting about frankincense too because it seems to mean different things to different Middle Eastern cultures

    1. Lol! You got sharp eyes! I’ve been in Middle East and some parts of Europe for a good amount of time. I know that Europeans are more open to the Middle East and Africa since they are close geographically and despite us in North America, they don’t get bombarded with horrible news about that side of the world! But the best I can do for an average North American is to change the wrong mindset! It’s too hard to convince someone here to visit the Middle East and Africa! Lol!

      1. Not to brag, but I’m famous for sharp eyes. You’re right. I hope Whiskey Tango Foxtrot changes a lot of that. My parents and a few of my friends in California are just about the only North Americans I know who don’t look at me like I’m deranged when I say I want to visit somewhere in the Middle East or Africa

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