New Caledonia – a European Paradise in Oceania?

Is New Caledonia a part of France? What was the result of New Caledonia’s referendum? What’s New Caledonia’s flag like?

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory near Australia.

New Caledonia is not discovered by mass tourism yet, so, after reading this post, book your flight to this heaven and be that cool person who introduces hidden gem to others.

People in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is officially french and all of the citizens regardless of their ethnicity were granted French citizenship by 1953. ever since then, people are always discussing whether they want to be an independent country or a part of France.
They had several referendums to decide. So far, the majority of people voted to be dependent. There’s another referendum coming up on the 6th of Sept 2020.


This territory is the only one in the world that has 2 official flags. They have it hanged beside France’s flag. they even have their anthem.
half of the 270,000 population are of European descendants while the other half are mostly Kanak (natives of the island) and a minor Asian community too.

more than 97% of the people speak and write in French, even in the rural areas. there are also a few native languages, practiced among natives.

They have their unique currency which is used in a few French overseas territories called CFP Franc.






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  1. Believe it or not and old, really old TV series: McHales Navy talked about the area quite a lot. The Fictional Naval Base was in New Caladonia. That was from the Late 1950’s. I thought it was a fictional island.

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