The Ultimate Travel Guide to Mozambique

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So far we’ve covered a lot of underrated African countries that you can find in our Africa category, but this continent is so big and beautiful that the fun never stops! There’s always a new corner to discover, a new tradition to know and a new city to get amazed by!

In this post, we’ll get to know an amazing African country called Mozambique with the most underrated beaches in the world.

Let’s start it by reviewing Mozambique’s recent history!

Recent history of Mozambique

In recent history, Mozambique got conquered by Portugal, at the same time that Angola did. Portugal was trying to colonize the countries between these two to connect them but Britain was like, “Cute, but no!” and took them all over.

Mozambique became a sovereign state on June 25, 1975, and then the brand new government tried Communism for a while but changed it back to something a little similar to democracy!

Even though Mozambique has never been colonized by the UK, it joined the commonwealth countries in 1995 and put its focus on growing its economy ever since!

People in Mozambique

People in Mozambique are all of African tribes descendants, except less than %1 who are mostly European and Chinese.

They all speak Portuguese as well as their tribal languages and dialects.

What to do in Mozambique

Island of Mozambique in Mozambique

This Island was once the capital of the colonial Portuguese East Africa. There are a few historic sites on the island and because of its subtropical beaches, it’s becoming more and more popular among tourists! Island of Mozambique is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mozambique Island - Garden of Memory

Beaches in Mozambique

A major part of Mozambique’s economic growth plan was to build new resorts in the country because its beaches are marvelous and it worked! Now, you can find hotel rooms in Mozambique’s beach resorts for more than $3000 a night!

Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique

Although Gorongosa had an unfortunate past due to Mozambique’s civil war, a US-based company tried helping to restore the geology of the park that was successful and is still going on! Tourists can visit it there and camp overnight. The tour guides would happily show you the restoration progress! (Try to show them some support! They deserve it!)

Gorongosa - Waterbucks

Zambezi River in Mozambique

Zambezi River is Africa’s fourth longest river, starting from Angola and crossing a few countries until it pours into the Indian Ocean through Mozambique! (Portugal’s oldest dream!)

Zambezi River at junction of Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Botswana

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  1. Mozambique is definitely not English speaking, as I found out on my trip there in 2018. Many people do speak good English though. Portuguese is spoken by many people. I also found that Fanagalo (a pidgin language used extensively in Southern Africa) made communication much better. Thank-you for an informative read.

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